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Creative Car Park Plc appoints Shani Viner as Retail Executive

Creative Car Park has expanded its team by appointing Shani Viner to manage its retail park and shopping centre portfolio.

Gary Wayne, Managing Director of Creative Car Park said: “The global downturn is challenging many retailers to re-examine their cost and revenue bases. For many, car parking is still an under-utilised element of their portfolio.”

“Having recently stepped down as Chair of the Property Manager’s Association Out of Town Retail Committee, Shani understands the opportunities well managed and efficient car park management can offer to retailers and property managers in these challenging times.”

In addition to her role with Creative Car Park, Shani is currently working with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Working Group to produce the next edition of the Service Charge Code of Practice.

Shani has previously worked with Dixons DSGi and Woolworths.

Creative Car Park was founded in 1995 to provide traditional car park management services.

Having quickly developed the reputation for professional, friendly efficiency and technological innovation, the company was the first operator to offer maximum stay car park enforcement using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras. Our efficient approach has resulted in increased turnover for many of our customers.

Our service is designed to encourage efficient use of parking spaces. There is nothing more off putting than seeing your shopping centre, retail park, store or restaurant’s car park full and congested.