SpaceWatch Parking Bay Monitoring

Control specific parking bays with our exclusive SpaceWatch system, powered by ANPR technology.

We know every car park is different, and every business has different needs

Is your car park part of a larger site with multiple entrances and exits? Standard ANPR solutions will not work due to the bespoke nature of your car park layout, and this can lead to customer confusion and abuse.

This is where our SpaceWatch technology and its wide-angle lens technology comes in. This clever solution watches independent parking bays as opposed to the entire car park at any one time. SpaceWatch can also be called on to monitor special bays such as EV charging points to prevent hogging.

Prevent parking bay abuse

Instead of logging every vehicle entering and exiting the car park, SpaceWatch is an intelligent and sophisticated piece of ANPR-powered technology which watches every single space independently. So regardless of what happens around the location, your spaces, your property and your business are protected from nuisance and unauthorised parking.

Improve the user experience

As a business you want to provide convenient parking for visitors, regardless of whether your valuable spaces are part of a larger site. SpaceWatch monitors your specific bays in great detail, deterring unauthorised drivers from hogging these spaces and ensuring genuine users have a place to park.

Take control of your parking spaces

We can configure your parking system to ignore staff vehicles and create temporary parking permits and exceptions for genuine customers. Our system is easy to use and will integrate with other solutions such as Permit Parking and Pay to Park.

Why choose Space Monitoring

Monitor specific bays to ensure your valuable spaces are not abused by unauthorised vehicles

Our client portal gives you full access to the parking whitelist, allowing you to manage who can park

No barriers or wardens and works reliably around the clock in all weather conditions

Your parking terms are communicated via clear, concise and compliant signage at key locations

Removes the daily need to enforce your car park rules, reducing staffing and security costs

Tickets are issued through the post by our enforcement partner, avoiding conflict

We provide Space Monitoring
technology for

You don’t need to do anything, we’ll take care of every aspect

As one of the UK’s most experienced and trusted car parking operators, we handle every aspect of our SpaceWatch technology, from installing and managing the equipment to identifying offending vehicles and issuing parking charges when genuine misuse occurs. We do this so you can get on with the job of running your business, rather than dealing with parking hassles.

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Not sure which solutions will work best for you? We’ll always propose a tailored solution based on your exact requirements. Find out more about our bespoke approach

Space Monitoring FAQs

How does SpaceWatch bay monitoring technology work?
Our intelligent system watches and monitors every bay in detail. A single camera monitors multiple bays with a wide-angle lens, day and night, regardless of bad weather. When a vehicle parks in a space it tags the vehicle, overlays a monitoring box and captures all of its details and vehicle registration. Our system knows when it arrived, where it is parked, how it parked and when it departed.

SpaceWatch is designed to combat the following issues that can cause frustration or create unwanted hassle:

  • Right of way access to another property abused
  • Thru road access
  • Previously rejected by another parking operator
  • Confused warden does not come as often as the abusers
  • Parking spaces allocated within a larger shared car park
  • Neighbouring business clients in your spaces
  • Spaces in a long configuration at the side or rear of the property
  • Odd layout/ shape/ location of your car park

Trust us, here at Creative Car Park we have seen it all and that is why we built this system – for you and for your business.

Many car parks and car parking areas are not straightforward. Businesses have different rules and ways of operating, different locations and layouts. Our parking consultants can offer solutions suited to your car park, configuring the SpaceWatch system for your hours of operation, your client type, and whether you want to prevent abuse or generate extra revenue.

We can configure your parking system to ignore staff vehicles and create temporary parking permits and exceptions for your genuine customers using a few alternative solutions available. The SpaceWatch system is simple and easy to use. Full training can be provided and it will integrate with other parking systems such as Pay to Park.

Our automated technology monitors EV charging bays and can issue a PCN (Parking Charge Notice) when a vehicle parks or remains in an EV allocated bay without using the charge point and thus prevents other customers from using this facility whilst visiting your business. This effective enforcement solution maximises EV bay utilisation and charging revenue for businesses.