Pay to Park

Generate revenue from your car park by introducing our charge-for-parking solutions.

Your car park is a valuable asset – start making money from it today

Do you want to turn your car park into a revenue generator? Regardless of your business size, charging customers a small fee to park in your car park could earn you significant revenue every month and provide you with a new income stream.

We have a range of charge-for-parking solutions that can be installed at your premises, allowing you to charge customers for using your car park. These often-overlooked solutions not only improve customer service but also increase the value of your property.

Easy payment options for motorists

On-demand parking is paid for on arrival, using a free mobile phone app operated by the UK’s leading cashless parking solution. It’s quick and completely seamless, helping to improve the customer experience. Parking can be easily extended online without the driver having to return to your car park.

Innovative pay and display machines

An alternative option lets drivers pay using pay and display. Our cashless machines are a comprehensive solution to your parking problems, with a range of industry-leading features to ensure the management of your car park operates smoothly.

Reduces instances of nuisance parking

In addition to generating revenue, pay-to-park helps to stamp out unauthorised parking. Most abusers take advantage of free parking, so the very fact users have to pay to leave their vehicles will deter them from trying. 

Why choose Pay to Park

Charge-for-parking solutions provide your business with a regular and valuable income stream

Tickets for overstaying are issued through the post by our enforcement partner, avoiding conflict

Pay-to-park deters drivers from abusing your car park, improving space availability

Our client portal gives you full access to the parking whitelist, allowing you to manage who can park

No barriers or wardens are required, and our technology works reliably around the clock

The presence of ANPR cameras and signage deters unauthorised parking and antisocial behaviour

We provide Pay to Park
solutions for

Ready to move forward and generate new revenue from your car park?

As one of the UK’s most experienced and trusted car parking operators, we handle every aspect of charge-for-parking solutions, from installing and maintaining the payment equipment to identifying offending vehicles and issuing parking charges when genuine misuse occurs. We offer complete, bespoke ANPR-powered management solutions for all private car park owners.

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Not sure which solutions will work best for you? We’ll always propose a tailored solution based on your exact requirements. Find out more about our bespoke approach

Pay to Park FAQs

What does the Pay to Park journey look like for the motorist?

Users must pay to leave their vehicles in your car park. On demand parking is paid for on arrival, using a free payment app on their mobile device. An alternative option lets drivers pay using a cashless pay terminal. Parking can be easily extended online without the driver having to return to the car park. If the driver fails to pay, or overstays the paid period, a PCN is issued to the registered keeper through the post.

Charges drivers to park provides a source of revenue for property owners, which can be reinvested in maintaining parking infrastructure and other areas of the business. Parking charges also help to regulate demand for parking spaces by incentivising turnover and discouraging long-term parking abuse. Furthermore, parking charges can help to cover the costs of parking facility maintenance, security and management.

Our intelligent ANPR cameras capture images of vehicles’ number plates as they enter and exit the car park. This data helps verify the duration of parking and identify any violations of the parking terms or enforcement policy. Additionally, digital systems can provide real-time data on parking occupancy, helping owners to manage their car parks more effectively.

A pay and display machine is a ticket machine used for managing parking in car parks, multi-storey car parks and on-street parking. Car park users are required to purchase a parking ticket from the pay and display machine upon entering the car park and display the ticket on their dashboard, windscreen or passenger window of their vehicle. The ticket will disclose information such as the location, machine operator, entry time, expiry time, date and fee paid. Pay and display machines are constantly being upgraded to meet the needs of users by offering more ways to pay besides cash. Car park users can now purchase parking tickets using credit or debit cards, via mobile apps, SMS or via a phone number. Vehicle owners can have peace of mind when using your car park knowing your pay and display machines offer touchless payments using NFC technology and digital wallet payments.

Our pay and display machines are the comprehensive solution to your parking problems, with a range of industry-leading features to ensure the management of your car park proceeds smoothly.

  • Our pay and display machines feature alpha-numeric keypads which ensure the user enters their full registration number before paying for their parking, adding an additional layer of security.
  • To account for customers who use different payment methods, our pay and display machines are flexible with payment options, accepting contactless cards, as well as premium rate SMS (text message) with our Pay by Phone parking solutions.
  • Creative Car Park can also link our pay and display car parking systems with ANPR cameras, so we can instantly identify any vehicle that has exceeded the amount of time paid for, or that has not purchased a ticket at all.
  • With a complete entry and exit transaction log, you have complete visibility of vehicles using your car parking premises. With the supply of additional cameras for supplementary images, this can be extremely helpful when issues arise.
  • We take care of every single aspect of your pay and display parking system, from full set-up and implementation of the machines to maintenance and the logistics of Parking Charge Notices.

Earning potential can vary widely depending on factors such as size, location and demand, but in general Pay to Park can provide businesses with a viable and potentially lucrative revenue stream. With increasing urbanisation and limited parking infrastructure, the demand for well-managed parking spaces is expected to grow, potentially driving up earnings over time.