ANPR Parking Management System

Introducing our innovative and ethical car park management solution, powered by intelligent ANPR technology.

Creative Car Park adopts an intelligent approach to car park management

We use the very latest ANPR technology to prevent unauthorised parking and ensure spaces are always available for the people who really need them.

Unlike other car park management solutions, there are no barriers blocking entry or wardens on patrol. It’s totally seamless, completely non-confrontational, and will free up your time to focus on more important things.

We pride ourselves on providing UK businesses with ANPR-powered car parking management solutions that will save you money, time and stress.

Prevent nuisance parking with ANPR

Our cutting-edge ANPR cameras deter unauthorised access by capturing the registration plate of every vehicle that enters your car park at any time, day or night. If your parking terms are breached, a parking charge is automatically issued.

Improve the parking experience

Your car park is an extension of your business, so you’ll want to provide the best parking experience. By using ANPR to reduce instances of nuisance parking, your customers and visitors will be able to park conveniently in a secure space.

Get the most from your space

Once you have ANPR up and running, it unlocks the potential for making extra money from your car park. This includes introducing Pay to Park or Pre-book Parking solutions, which can generate significant new income for your business.

What are the benefits of using an
ANPR parking system?

No barriers or wardens and works reliably around the clock in all weather conditions

Our client portal gives you full access to the parking whitelist, allowing you to manage who can park

Removes the daily need to enforce your car park rules, reducing staffing and security costs

Your parking terms are communicated via clear, concise and compliant signage at key locations

Tickets are issued through the post by our enforcement partner, avoiding conflict

When coupled with pay-to-park and pre-book options, ANPR can generate significant income

We provide ANPR car park
management systems for

You don’t need to do anything, we’ll take care of every aspect

As one of the UK’s most experienced and trusted car parking operators, we handle every aspect of ANPR management, from installing the equipment to identifying offending vehicles and issuing parking charges when genuine misuse occurs. We offer complete, bespoke ANPR-powered management solutions for all commercial car park owners.

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Not sure which solutions will work best for you? We’ll always propose a tailored solution based on your exact requirements. Find out more about our bespoke approach.

ANPR Parking Management FAQs

What is ANPR?

An Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System is an advanced piece of technology designed to read vehicle registration plates when they enter and exit car parking premises.

Using advanced automatic vehicle registration recognition system cameras which operate in conjunction with complex algorithms and infrared technology, we can ensure angled, mirrored plates and personalised plates do not impair the ability to detect and interpret each registration plate, no matter the time of day or weather. Plates are captured at entry and exit, images are securely saved and time stamped – vehicles identified to be in breach of the terms and conditions of parking are then processed and keeper details are requested from the DVLA so that a PCN can be issued to the registered keeper of the vehicle.

After entering the car park, unless it is a maximum free stay car park, drivers are required to enter the vehicle registration into a an exemption device – usually a traditional parking machine or tablet to validate their stay. Some car parks will require payment or permission validation (known as a permit) via a smartphone app or an on-premise tablet.

ANPR cameras work in conjunction with purchased parking tickets or permits to ensure vehicles do not outstay their allotted parking time or park without permission.

Creative Car Park pioneered the application of ANPR technology usage as a car park management solution. Today we manage more than 1,950 locations on the behalf of small-to-medium business owners and franchisee operators. Regardless of your shape, size or car park layout, get in touch with us today and speak to one of our car park consultants.

At Creative Car Park we specialise in management logistics and offer unique solutions that are completely tailored to meet your business’s requirements.

ANPR systems are completely versatile and have been successfully implemented in various ways throughout the modern world, including in tolling, bus lane enforcement, intelligent transport systems, traffic management and on weighbridges.

Implementing an ANPR parking management system for your business can free up your otherwise busy staff members. It can also help you identify whether there are any unauthorised cars taking up space on your property.

With Creative Car Park, you can upgrade your parking premises to operate 24 hours a day, completely free through our car park management solutions. Our in-house purpose built operating platform is an example of this, which relies on a combination of our unique automatic vehicle registration recognition car parking system and sophisticated applications designed specifically for the parking industry. From the beginning to the end of our service, our team will handle everything from organising the initial site survey, installation of systems, sending out Parking Charge Notices (known as PCNs) to those who have breached the parking terms, and arranging the collection of ANPR parking payments, while at all times aligning with your company’s name and branding.

In addition to our bespoke operating platform service, we can adapt your ANPR system and identify potential add-ons depending on the car park management scheme you wish to follow.

The process begins when a vehicle approaches the entry or exit point of the car park. The ANPR camera captures a clear image of the vehicle’s number plate. The ANPR system then cross-references the number plate with the car park’s database, which contains information on registered vehicles, valid permits and paid-parking sessions. ANPR systems are designed to provide efficient and secure car park management.

The control and management of an ANPR system lies with the car park management company and the facility owners. They have access to the system’s database and they use this data to ensure smooth operations, manage vehicle access and enforce parking regulations, which ultimately contributes to a well-organised and customer-friendly parking facility.

In most cases Creative Car Park covers all setup costs (including installation), so you can have your car park up and running with zero initial outlay. This includes cameras, signage (external and internal), and full setup of the equipment by a professional in-house installation team.

No, our advanced ANPR camera technology means that you don’t need a barrier, as all vehicles entering and exiting your car park are captured on camera. So there is less to go wrong and less maintenance, and much more convenience for your car park users.

There is no maintenance required as the entire car park management system runs remotely. But, in the event of any problems, there is a full support team on hand to answer any questions. We also offer onboarding and training, to ensure that everyone understands the system. And parking signage is periodically checked to ensure it doesn’t require replacing.