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Looking to make money from your car park? We can help you.

If you have ANPR management in operation at your businesses, overseeing your car park, you’ll know how effective it is in deterring nuisance parking and unauthorised access, which in turn boosts space availability for genuine users. But did you know that ANPR also unlocks the potential for generating extra revenue from your parking spaces?

We offer a range of revenue generating opportunities, including Pay to Park, that will help you unlock maximum value from your car park and generate significant income.

By working with us to monetise your
car park you will

Generate guaranteed income from your parking spaces
Generate guaranteed income from your parking spaces
Boost traffic and footfall at your location
Boost traffic and footfall at your location
Introduce valuable resources that will benefit the local community
Introduce valuable resources that will benefit the local community

Services that
generate revenue

Pay to Park

By introducing pay to park – where users pay for their parking using their mobile phones – you will generate income from every vehicle that stays at your site. This solution will also prevent drivers who may abuse your free parking provision

Pre-book Parking

If your car park regularly has spare capacity, we can reserve some of these empty spaces and make them available for drivers who are actively looking to reserve parking in advance. Then it’s just a case of letting the bookings roll in

Parcel Lockers

Self-serve lockers provide you with the opportunity to create a brand-new revenue stream for your business. They take up very little space in your car park and will generate rental revenue, while also increasing footfall

We provide revenue
generating opportunities for

Our solutions are designed to unlock extra income from your car park

We understand that your car park is a valuable asset, so we provide a range of services that will make the most of your site and generate guaranteed revenue for your business. Our many years of industry experience, working with businesses of all sizes in every sector, ensures we always deliver the right solution to your individual aims and ambitions.

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Revenue Generating FAQs

How profitable can a car park be?

A car park’s earning potential can vary widely depending on factors such as size, location and demand, but in general charge-for parking can provide businesses with a viable and potentially lucrative revenue stream. Car parks can generate income from individuals or businesses seeking parking solutions. Moreover, with increasing urbanisation and limited parking infrastructure, the demand for well-managed parking spaces is expected to grow, potentially driving up their value over time.

Phone and pay is an alternative to pay and display machines that can be prone to breaking down. Phone and pay allows motorists to pay for their car parking using their mobile phone, either by calling or through a mobile app. In an ever more cashless society, it’s important that car parking solutions are accessible for users who aren’t carrying money. Using our simple system gives vehicle owners peace of mind, as parking can be paid for using their own mobile device. This eliminates the need for customers to carry spare change and provides a hassle-free solution for your private car park.

We advertise a small percentage of your empty spaces online via high-profile partner platforms, reaching millions of UK drivers looking for parking. Drivers book their parking securely in advance – parking tariffs can be hourly, daily or even monthly. Bookings are automatically integrated with your existing cameras to ensure a seamless experience for all drivers who pre-book online. At the end of every three-month period you’ll receive payment for all completed bookings.

The parcel locker is used by local residents, drivers and workers as an easy way to collect and return their online shopping. All businesses receive a fixed quarterly rental payment for hosting a locker at their location, providing a guaranteed revenue stream. Retailers also benefit from increased footfall to their stores as people visit the locker.

Yes, you can earn money from EV charging through various means. One common method is to charge EV drivers a fee for using your charger, either through pay-per-use pricing or a subscription-based model. Additionally, you can offer value-added services such as faster charging speeds for premium fees or incentives for repeat users.

There are a number of solutions you can use to effectively maximise revenue from your car park, including Pay to Park and Pre-book Charging. If you would like to explore ways of generating revenue from your car park, our car park consultants will work with you to realise your ambitions.