Social Distancing Car Park Solution – All Proceeds to the NHS

Creative Car Park (CCP), the UK’s leading provider of ANPR car park management services, today announces the launch of a vehicle based virtual queuing system.

“carQ” instantly places you in a virtual queue as you enter a car park by using the latest number plate recognition technology; ANPR. Any driver remains safe and warm within their vehicle, rather than standing near to others in changeable weather conditions. When it is your turn to enter the store, you will receive a notification and can head straight inside.

Customers can see the current predicted waiting time.

Store operatives can remain inside the premises and use the system to call up the next customer based upon footfall and distancing rules, balancing the numbers entering any location.

CCP have approached major retailers such as B&Q, Halfords, Ikea and Sainsburys but aim to cover all major retailers within the coming weeks. All profits from the first 6mths of operation will going directly to the NHS.

Commenting on the announcement, Creative Car Park said: “We are proud to be able to offer such a ground-breaking solution to the new challenges faced by businesses.  We knew our ANPR system could help to prevent lengthy queues. This is made even better by our guarantee to donate all profits (within the first 6-months) to the NHS. We are glad so many retailers are showing their interest in this solution and in turn, also backing the NHS “.

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