Permit Parking

Control access to your car park with permit parking, tailored to your precise requirements.

A complete parking management system for residential and commercial property owners

Do unauthorised motorists keep abusing your private car park, denying genuine users a parking space? Verify authorisation to park with a flexible permit system, powered by our intelligent ANPR technology.

For residential and commercial properties, implementing a standard parking permit scheme can be imperative in ensuring that an authorised party can park in their allocated zone without fear of drivers misusing these limited spaces.

Complete control over your site

Our innovative permit solution gives you complete control over who can access your car park, allowing you to monitor and manage your site using our easy-to-use online client portal.

A stress-free solution to permit parking

Everything is managed online, which keeps admin to a minimum and reduces the need for paper permits, therefore cutting consumption costs. Permits cannot be lost or copied, and all stages of the application are automated and trackable.

A bespoke approach to your access challenges

We provide a tailored solution to your parking issues, completely suited to your business’ size and location. By offering a cost-efficient and secure parking permit system, you can ensure that the customer experience improves while reserving spaces for authorised users.

Why choose Permit Parking

Our client portal gives you full access to the list of permit holders, allowing you to manage who parks

ANPR cameras mean no barriers and the technology works around the clock in all weather conditions

Applications can be as simple or complex as required and tailored to suit individual client requirements

Removes the daily need to monitor who is parked on your site, cutting down on needless admin

You can offer multiple permit types with any combination of price, length of stay, time of day/week etc

Your parking terms are communicated via clear, concise and compliant signage at key locations

We provide Permit Parking
management systems for

You don’t need to do anything, we’ll take care of every aspect

As one of the UK’s most experienced and trusted car parking operators, we handle every aspect of permit parking, from installing the equipment and setting up the permit system to issuing parking charges when genuine misuse occurs. We offer complete, bespoke ANPR-powered management solutions for all private car park owners.

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Not sure which solutions will work best for you? We’ll always propose a tailored solution based on your exact requirements. Find out more about our bespoke approach

Permit Parking FAQs

Where do parking permit systems work well?

The permit parking system is particularly useful for large complex organisations where a car park needs to be shared between different users such as staff, contractors, patients, students or visitors. They are also effective in residential areas where there is limited on-street parking and high demand for spaces from residents and visitors.

Parking permit systems are effective in managing parking demand, reducing congestion and ensuring fair access to parking spaces in various settings where competition for parking is higher than usual. 

With Creative Car Park, your permit parking solution could include:

Online Permit Applications
Applicants apply online for car parking permits. This keeps admin to a minimum and reduces the need for paper, therefore cutting paper consumption costs. All stages of the application are automated and trackable and applications cannot be lost or copied.

Tailored Permit Applications
Applications can be as simple or complex as required and tailored to suit individual client requirements. We ask questions to accurately assess the client’s needs and tailor the solution accordingly, making it scalable to the size of the car park.

Multiple Verification Levels
To add an extra layer of security to the permit parking application process, we can introduce as many verification stages as you wish, going a step beyond the usual one-time email verification requirement for situations that call for more care.

Multiple Permit Types
We allow you to offer multiple (often complex) permit types with any combination of price, length of the permit, allowable car park(s), length of stay, time or day of the week. You can even implement a pay-as-you-go permit parking system with automated payment methods for ease of use.

Cloud or Paper Permits
With Creative Car Park, permit parking management is an endlessly convenient solution to unauthorised parking. We can give clients the ability to print permits or print them ourselves in advance. Our permits can also be managed online or through an app, a paper-free and trackable solution to physical permits.

NHS and University Parking Permit Systems
The permit parking system is particularly useful for large complex organisations where a car park needs to be shared between different users such as staff, contractors, patients, students or visitors

Linked Permits
Parking permit solutions can be tied into several of the other car parking solutions we offer. For example, access systems like ANPR Parking Management Systems and SpaceWatch Parking Bay Monitoring help to manage your unauthorised visitors. Car Park Enforcement can also help to ensure accurate ticketing.

Multiple Payment Options
We give you the ability to offer multiple payment options for your permit parking systems. While we generally recommend that you use automated and cashless payment options (credit and debit cards, direct debit solutions or a fully linked salary sacrifice/deduction payment), you can also offer cost codes, cash, invoicing and non-automated salary sacrifice/deduction.

Aligning Parking Permits to Applicants
Applications for parking permits can be tailored to the applicant’s commute. For example, the applicant can express a willingness to car-share and be matched to co-workers with similar postcodes and working patterns. We can also give preference to applicants who live further away.

Vehicle Emissions Allocation & Charging
An automated vehicle online search can be used to gain the applicant’s car emission details so that the vehicle’s tax banding can then be used to allocate points and give preference to more environmentally friendly vehicles or even allocate the price the applicant pays for their permit.

ANPR cameras play a crucial role in ensuring secure and efficient operations within car parks. They are strategically installed at various locations to provide comprehensive coverage of the area. Modern cameras are equipped with high-resolution sensors, enabling clear and detailed imagery, which allows for easy entry and exit management. By utilising car park cameras you can deter potential security threats, prevent unauthorised access, and ensure the smooth flow of traffic within the car park.

Our web-based client portal allows you to easily create parking permits for your authorised users. Our fully-integrated digital system works alongside the ANPR camera system to ensure that those with valid permits are free to park.