Pre-book Parking

Make extra money from your car park by allocating a small number of your spaces for pre-book.

Turn on pre-book parking to unlock maximum value from your car park

By offering some of your unused parking spaces for pre-book parking your business can generate significant revenue from your car park.

Our intelligent ANPR camera systems monitor vehicle entry/exit data and use this insight to determine whether you have spare parking capacity at certain times of the day or week. And if you do, we can make some of these spaces available for drivers to pre-book in advance.

We then advertise their availability via our high-profile partner platform, reaching millions of UK drivers who are actively looking for parking spaces.

Create a new revenue stream

Pre-book parking provides your business with direct additional income from your car park. You’ll earn money every time a booking is made and at the end of every three-month period, you’ll receive payment for all completed bookings.

Improve car park space utilisation

Your car parking provision is used more efficiently with far less wastage. We use occupancy data to ensure we only take bookings for your unused spaces and that any restrictions are observed.

Provide a seamless parking experience

Bookings are automatically integrated with your existing ANPR cameras to ensure a seamless experience for all drivers who pre-book their parking online. You don’t have to do anything – we take care of the whole process.

Benefit from significant marketing spend

We partner with JustPark, one of the UK’s biggest pre-book platforms. This means your spaces will benefit from their UK-wide marketing activity and reach drivers who are actively looking to reserve parking in your area.

Why choose Pre-book

You will receive income for every booking and there are no costs involved

Provide drivers with a reserved space to leave their vehicle, eliminating worries about parking

Unlock maximum value from your car park, enhancing your offering

Associate your businesses with pre-book providers like JustPark

Businesses benefit from passing trade from pre-book users

We make the whole process of setting-up pre-book as simple as possible

We provide Pre-book Parking for

Ready to move forward and generate new revenue from your car park?

As one of the UK’s most experienced and trusted car parking operators, we are dedicated to helping our clients unlock maximum value from their car parks.

We manage the whole process of setting-up pre-book, so that you can sit back and watch the bookings roll in. Complete the form to find out more about this brilliant new revenue opportunity.

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Pre-book Parking FAQs

How do I reserve parking for a pre-book driver?

This solution fits around the existing setup of your car park. We use occupancy data to ensure we only take bookings for unused parking. You don’t need to physically reserve or block off any of your parking spaces, but we can provide signage so drivers know they have found the right place.

The foundations of our solution prevent this from happening as we use dynamic occupancy data to market underutilised parking spaces. For example, if we identify 40% of the car park is unoccupied, we take a small and controlled percentage (10%, for example) and make this available online.

A grace period is added to arrival and departure booking times ensuring that a paying customer won’t inadvertently be penalised for arriving a few minutes before their booked time.

We ensure we only provide access in line with any current parking restrictions. Drivers are made fully aware of this when they book so that vehicles can only arrive or depart within these times.

Creative Car Park makes payments for all completed bookings at the close of each quarter, accompanied by a detailed remittance, so you can view all the pre-book bookings which have occurred during the period.