Pay and Display Parking Systems

Tap into decades of experience and problems solved for similar businesses to yours.
Our alpha numeric systems offer unrivalled car parking security efficiency.

Amongst others, we provide solutions to a range of customers:

Car Park 

Pay and Display Machines

Take back control of your car park.

 Put a stop to unauthorised parking

 Maximise space for your visitors

 Maximise revenue with technology

 Make money from your vacant land

 Complete entry/exit transaction logs

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The unique feature of our Pay and Display Car Park Management machines is the alpha-numeric keypad, which makes the user enter their full registration number before paying for their parking.

Using the latest payment interfaces, users can pay not only with cash or cards, but even by premium rate SMS (text message).

Linking these pay and display machines to our ANPR cameras, we can instantly identify any vehicle that has exceeded the amount of time paid for, or that has not purchased a ticket at all.

We can either issue an alert to your car park staff (so that they can immediately issue a parking ticket or place a clamp on the vehicle) or we can issue the driver with a parking charge notice through the post – meaning that you have 24 hour car park income, without the need for manual patrols and attendants.

We Buy, Lease and Manage Car Parks

Creative Car Park is a specialist car park management company who use ethical and effective parking enforcement solutions on sites throughout the UK. Creative Car Park will effectively manage and enforce your rules at no cost to you.

Does your company have a parking problem?

Are you looking to generate income from your car park?

Give yourself peace of mind & clients ease of access at your car park

Site Survey

& Installation

Tap into decades of experience and problems solved for similar businesses to yours.

ANPR Cameras

& Installation

Harness the very latest technology provided by the professionals with the personal touch.


& Patrols

Security for your clients: let our wardens patrol, manage & enforce your car park.

Access With

Payment Machines

Why not give yourself peace of mind and clients ease of access at your car park.

“The system works exactly as planned and promised. Creative has been helpful and efficient from initial set-up (when they provided a very quick installation service) all the way through to after care support and management. They are flexible, versatile and reliable.”

Kelly Jay

Property Manager- Tesco Stores Ltd

Car Park Management & Enforcement

Phone and Pay Parking

Allowing payments via phone or app makes it easy for drivers to pay for parking and it also increases your efficiency and revenue.

Enforce Through Technology

We use the very latest technology including ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) to operate car parks efficiently. It works 24/7 and is installed and maintained free of charge.

Maximise Your Car Park Space

We offer professional parking control management and enforcement which guarantees you greater space availability within your car park.

“Now that only genuine customer’s park, congestion in our car parks has reduced considerably and space is always available for shoppers. Creative’s ANPR system works extremely well.”

Martin Wallace, Director Commercial Management, Savills