The rise of contactless parking machines as we become a cashless society

Contactless parking machines are becoming increasingly popular as we move to a cashless society.

Coupled with the rise of COVID-19, there has been a greater demand for contactless payment methods in every sector. With the government advising citizens to minimise social interactions and pay by contactless, pay and display machines could be inadvertently promoting the spread of the virus due to the limited contactless payment options available.

It’s clear that car park owners have to quickly adapt to this new norm by installing contactless parking machines to promote cashless parking and keep customers safe and revenue strong.

How the pandemic will have spurred on the decline in cash payments

The pandemic has affected every aspect of life, including the way we pay for parking. Due to the growing spread of COVID-19, the government has promoted the use of contactless payments when shopping as the handling of cash helps spread the virus from person to person. This means that drivers are less likely to carry cash when going shopping and would find it difficult trying to pay for parking. As a result, car parks are turning to contactless parking machines to help minimise social interactions and give drivers peace of mind.

In many places such as Suffolk car parks, there has been a huge increase in contactless parking. It is reported that online payments went up by 129% in July 2020 compared to July 2019. The growing preference for contactless methods means that a lot of car park owners are starting to provide more flexible contactless methods for their customers.

The benefits of contactless parking

Having contactless parking machines has a range of both short-term and long-term benefits.

1.No physical touch

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, contactless parking machines significantly reduce the need to physically touch the machinery and therefore, reduces the risk of spreading or catching the virus.

2. Quicker transactions

Due to the machines being contactless, there would be no handling of cash which in some cases, can help to speed up the transaction time as well as minimise social interactions.

This is particularly the case when customers simply need to tap their debit or credit card, or hold their digital wallet close to the card machine.

3. Increased convenience

Having contactless parking machines can provide your customers with convenience and ease as they no longer need to have cash on them or frantically search for an ATM. This, in turn, creates a more efficient service where customers have a more positive experience which helps leave a lasting impression on your car park and business

4. Improved sustainability

Implementing contactless options in your car park promotes sustainability as we move away from paper-based technologies and towards a more seamless way of parking.

5. Wider audience

By having contactless parking machines you are catering to a wider audience as contactless payments provide more options and flexibility. As a result, your business can flourish as customer satisfaction and revenue rise.

What are my contactless parking options

Contactless parking is all about flexibility and so it’s easy to cater to wider audiences by providing contactless options. These include:

Pay by Phone / QR codes – Perhaps the most popular method, paying through a device is a quick and easy way for customers to pay for parking. All they need to do is scan a QR code that takes them to a site where they can pay and that’s it. Alternatively, customers will be asked to download a relevant parking app which requires them to input their vehicle details, debit card details as well as the location they are parking at.

Pre-booking  With pre-booking you can book a space in advance and pay for parking without the need for a machine. This option could generate additional revenue for your site as it promotes unused parking spots.

Pre-pay  One of the most seamless options for customers is the use of pre-pay. This option allows drivers to come and park without the need to visit a kiosk. The platform can recognise registered drivers and charge them automatically, as well as remove the need for ticketing and can be also connected to an ANPR system.

All these options help keep contact to a minimum and provide a more efficient service for your customers, making contactless parking a worthy investment.

How Creative Car Park Ltd can help businesses looking to implement cashless park solutions

At Creative Car Park Ltd, we stay ahead by providing bespoke parking solutions to meet your personal and business needs. We can help you swiftly switch to contactless parking for your site with our innovative pay and display parking solutions that ensure high customer satisfaction as well as strong revenue.

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