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Managing Agents

Effective parking management for managing agents & facility managers

Are your tenants often complaining about the state of their car park?  Are their customers having difficulties in finding available spaces?

Is this leading to a loss of time, resources and ultimately money for the landlord?

It might be time to get creative, And use one of our Managing Agents!

The benefits of car parking management include:

Get specialist car park management from Creative Car Park

More available spaces

Free up parking spaces by tracking and deterring unauthorised use.

Happier guests

Let visitors and guests park easily and freely, with automatic approvals.

Freeing your time

Stop wasting staff resource on patrols, complaints and appeals.

Generating more revenue

Increase payments with on-site machines and payment-by-phone.

The new way of Car Park Management

Armed with 20 plus years of experience in private car park management, and managing over 1000 active sites all across the UK, at Creative Car Park we work with many managing agents and in numerous sectors, including;

  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Leisure & Tourism
  • Healthcare

At Creative Car Park we understand that the management of car parks can easily result in a nuisance. Especially for managing agents, who are held responsible for ensuring the success of many business operations. And we actively seek to help you out in ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Always understanding of the delicate relationship between tenants, landlords and agents, we are extremely respectful in our approach, providing communication to all parties.

Offering bespoke solutions, we use our expertise to provide a car park management system tailored to your specific needs and problems. Our cost-free, ethical solutions will save you the headache of managing the car park, while ensuring that it runs smoothly. Thanks to our ANPR car park systems technology we can automatically recognise vehicles violating your parking rules and send them a ticket in the post to discouraging them from repeating the infraction.

This highly technological solution seamlessly integrates with all of the latest electronic staff/visitor permit systems, and it is designed for both free and payment car parks, greatly reducing the need for staffing. We will take care of installing and maintaining the equipment, monitoring your parking patrols and accepting telephone ticket payments. Freeing your time and enabling you to concentrate on your other priorities.

We’re the trusted UK car parking management firm for businesses in every sector, including leisure, hospitality, retail parks, education, restaurants, the NHS, hotels and more:



Car Parks


Are people abusing your car parks? Call us!

As one of the best performing UK managing agents car park management companies, we will:

  • Stop unauthorised usage of your car park
  • Make sure there’s plenty of spaces available for your customers
  • Set up the latest payment options and permit systems
  • Manage all paperwork, charges, and appeals

At Creative Car Park, we offer COST-FREE car parking management. We work to your requirements, ensuring you get the most from your land. Depending on your preferences, we can provide:

  • Paperless advanced number plate recognition and automatic charges
  • Self-ticketing solutions for you to manage yourself
  • Warden parking enforcement, provided by us

Partner with a parking enforcement agency to transform your land use. Partner with Creative Car Park, one of the leading private car parking companies in the UK.

Contact us to see how our managing agents parking control management solutions could be beneficial to you

You can stop stressing. We are able to handle every single aspect of car parking management, from installation and maintenance of our brilliant ANPR technology to the full set-up of intuitive car park permit systems and pay & display parking systems, including the logistics of parking charge notices. Since we are a professional parking enforcement agency permitted by the British Parking Association, we can to monitor usage of your car parks and certify that only your customers, guests and staff have permission to park, punishing offenders.

“The ANPR Car Park Management system works exactly as planned and promised. Creative has been helpful and efficient from initial set-up (when they provided a very quick installation service) all the way through to aftercare support and management. They are flexible, versatile and reliable.” Kelly Jay, Director Property Manager, Tesco Stores Ltd

Our full range of car parking management services include:

  • Full ANPR parking solutions
  • Car park permit systems
  • Pay & Display parking
  • Physical patrols by wardens
  • Self-ticketing options

Being an ethical parking enforcement agency for managing agents, we are able to stop unlawful use of your car parks, expand available space for customers and visitors and save you both time and revenue.

“Particularly impressive was the fantastic turnaround of five days from placing the order with yourselves to the full implementation of an up and running system.” Tina Brooks, Head of Traffic and Parking Services, London Borough of Bexley

Follow the creative way

Providing you with the opportunity of generating revenue for your landlord, we know that the car park outside their property could be as much of a revenue source as the space inside it. That is why we provide a range of reliable services to make it easy for you to earn money from your car park. Enabling valued customer to find a space easily by encouraging turnover, we can provide the facility’s customers with a range of intuitive and user-friendly payment systems. Knowing that the more options they have, the more likely they are to pay for their parking space. Always ensuring the happiness of the landlords and tenants, our world class customer service will guarantee that all parties are informed. Creating special logins for your tenants, we’ll help them through every stage, and we’ll always be there for them if they have any problems thank our 24/7 customer service helpline. A highly effective, cost-free solution?  Now, that is creative!

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