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Car Park Enforcement


Are you struggling to enforce your car park? Do you have cars parked on your private land without authorisation? We understand the frustration and headaches caused by parking problems.

Whether your struggle is with illegal parking, nuisance parking, or car abandonment, our parking enforcement services will effectively limit the number of unauthorised vehicles and improve the safety of both pedestrians and drivers.

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Whether you run a business, a local council, or own land or property we understand that unauthorised parking can be a real nuisance – not only to you but also to your car park users who are using your services legally. That’s why Creative Car Park is here to help. We can ensure that your car park is used effectively through car park enforcement solutions, whilst simultaneously protecting the safety and reputation of your car park.

As a leading private car park enforcement company, we provide an entirely bespoke service based on specifications from your company. Currently, we offer our services for a variety of sectors, including supermarkets, restaurants and pubs, hotels, retail parks, education facilities, and more.

Key facts about our service

Parking spaces available for your customers/clients

Increased security

Increased store revenue

Clear bold signage

Full employers liability insurance

Full public liability insurance

Efficient appeals and complaints service

Disabled bay monitoring

Increased EV charging bay utilisation


Get the most from your space with private land car parking enforcement services.

Without sufficient parking enforcement in place, unauthorised parking can come at a cost to your business, particularly with non-customers occupying spaces in your car park, therefore resulting in a loss of paying clients and an overall negative experience.

At Creative Car Park, we work to your requirements to ensure that you get the most out of your private parking space. Depending on your specifications, we can provide:

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We’re the trusted UK car parking management company for businesses in every sector, including leisure, hospitality, retail parks, restaurants, the NHS, hotels and more:



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Why use Car Parking Enforcement Services

Our car parking enforcement services will help cover all potential issues you may be currently encountering as a result of unauthorised parking. With certain drivers requiring specific parking spaces for accessibility, there can be potential legal issues and charges that can be incurred if non-permit holders are found to be parking in specifically allocated bays, such as the parent and child bay, EV charging or disabled parking bays.

With appropriate parking enforcement services, reducing the number of unlawfully parked vehicles can not only improve accessibility but can also decrease congestion, providing safer roads and car parks for all users.

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ANPR Parking. With the aid of Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology, your car park can be monitored and secured throughout the day. Strategically placed cameras can identify vehicles that are in breach of your car park regulations, resulting in tickets being issued.

Self-ticketing Parking Enforcement. Helps you maintain control of your car park with minimal costs to your business. This entails the installation of appropriate regulatory signage to deter unauthorised parking. You are also supplied with parking tickets to secure to the windscreen of offending vehicles.


You don’t need to do anything, we take care of every aspect

Maintaining and enforcing a car park can be difficult when trying to run your business simultaneously. At Creative Car Park we offer unique car parking enforcement solutions to your parking issues, regardless of your location and the size of your business. We want to help you create a secure and efficient car parking management plan, that will improve the customer experience, while simultaneously ensuring that your business does not lose out on revenue.

Approved by the British Parking Association (BPA), we are a professional parking enforcement agency dedicated to taking care of every aspect of your management logistics. From the installation and set-up of our cutting-edge ANPR technology to the employment of highly qualified and experienced parking wardens, our team will manage everything for you.

Car Park Enforcement

Category: Enforcement

Investing in parking spaces in the UK can be a viable and potentially lucrative option for investors. Space can provide rental fees from individuals or businesses seeking parking solutions. Moreover, with increasing urbanisation and limited parking infrastructure, the demand for well-managed parking spaces is expected to grow, potentially driving up their value over time.

Category: Enforcement

Creative Car Park has a team of enforcement professionals and advanced technology to track legitimate visitors and unauthorized users at the over 1,500 sites we manage in the UK. We have developed an approach to enforcement that aims to balance the need to enforce rules with the desire to provide a positive experience for genuine customers and protect the reputation of the brand. Get A Free Audit Now.

Category: Enforcement

Investing in a car park can be a wise decision with several potential benefits. Car parks can provide a steady and passive income stream, especially in high-demand areas or busy urban locations. They offer a relatively low-maintenance investment compared to other real estate options, as there are typically fewer maintenance and repair responsibilities. Additionally, car parks are often considered recession-resistant because parking remains an essential need regardless of economic conditions.

Category: Enforcement

The average size of a car park space can vary depending on the specific location and design of the car park. However, a standard car parking space in the UK is typically around 2.4 meters wide and 4.8 meters long. This size provides enough space for an average-sized car to park comfortably and allows for easy entry and exit. It’s important to note that some car parks might offer larger spaces to accommodate larger vehicles or provide additional space for manoeuvring. Conversely, in densely populated urban areas, car parks may have smaller spaces to maximise parking capacity.

Category: Enforcement

A good car park encompasses several essential elements to create a positive experience for visitors. Landowners are encouraged to prioritise car park management, to ensure smooth traffic flow with clearly defined entry and exit points, as well as using ANPR systems to enforce the car park’s terms and conditions.

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