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Effective car park management for the education sector

Are you part of the education sector?

Are unauthorised vehicles abusing your car park, stealing space from staff and students?

Are you wasting time and resources trying to fix the problem but getting little results?

It could be time to get creative!

The new way of car park management

Delivering highly customisable solutions since 1995, here at Creative Car Park we understand the struggles that educational institutions face every day with their car park management. Our human approach to business leads us to develop highly technological and ethical solutions, which we tailor to our customer’s specific needs. Proud of managing more than 1000 car parks, all across the UK, we deal with the education sector on a daily basis. Hence, we know very well the problems they face with their car park management.

Often working on a tight budget, educational sector car parks are likely to get overcrowded, especially during term time. This is mainly due to a lack of parking enforcement and might lead to many problems; from unauthorised vehicles abusing the facility, to minor criminal activities such as theft and vandalism. Additionally, a lack of parking space will make it difficult for students and staff alike to park, leading to delays and unnecessary stress for everyone.

We understand that due to tight budgets, educational institutions often don’t see car park management as a priority. That is why with our cost-free solutions we also enable our customers to generate revenue from their car park, allowing them to re-invest it in things they priorities such as delivering better education or improving their IT infrastructure. Providing our clients with absolute transparency and world-class customer service, you’ll be able to request any ticket from being produced.

We’re the trusted UK car parking management firm for businesses in every sector, including leisure, hospitality, retail parks, education, restaurants, the NHS, hotels and more:



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Are People Abusing Your Car Park? Call Us


Being one of the top UK educational institutions car park management companies, we are able to:

  • Stop people from breaching your car park rules
  • Ensuring that there are available spaces for customers to park
  • Install electronic payment options and permit systems
  • Take care of all of the paperwork, charges, and appeals

At Creative Car Park, we provide car parking management AT NO COST TO YOU. We work to your requirements, to make sure you get the most from your land. Depending on your preferences, we can provide:

  • Paperless advanced number plate recognition and automatic charges
  • Self-ticketing solutions for you to manage yourself
  • Warden parking enforcement, provided by us

Partner with a parking enforcement agency to transform your land use.

Contact us and see how our educational sector parking control management can help you achieve your car park goals.

You can lay back and relax. We handle every aspect of car parking management, from the installation and maintenance of our latest ANPR technology, the full set-up of user-friendly car park permit systems and pay & display parking systems, including the entire logistics of parking charge notices. Being a professional parking enforcement agency approved by the British Parking Association, we are able to constantly monitor your car parks and ensure that the only ones to park there are your customers, guests and staff. Whether you’re having college parking problems, or experiencing parking problems in universities, as one of the top UK educational institutions car park management providers, we can help you to achieve your car park goals.

“The ANPR Car Park Management system installed within our grounds works exactly as planned and promised. Creative has been helpful and efficient from initial set-up (when they provided a very quick installation service) all the way through to aftercare support and management. They are flexible, versatile and reliable, extremely friendly to deal with over the phone.” – Steven Pollard, Chancellor of Cranfield University

Our full range of car parking management services include:

  • Full ANPR parking solutions
  • Car park permit systems
  • Pay & Display parking
  • Physical patrols by wardens
  • Self-ticketing options

As an ethical parking enforcement company for educational institutions, we will stop unlawful use of your car parks, improve usage for clients and guests and save you both time and money.

Confidence in results

We are confident that our cost-free, creative solutions can solve all of those problems while saving you the headache of managing the car park and ensuring that it runs smoothly. Fully aware that parking enforcement is not more important than the happiness of your students and staff, we only use 100% ethical techniques. While always being transparent and keeping in mind that the car park belongs to you, we only enforce the rules that you require.These are just some of the ways we help educational institutions to achieve their Car Park goals every day. But don’t take our word for it, check it out yourself by contacting us, explaining what problems you are experiencing. An efficient, ethical and cost-free solution? Now, that is creative!

“Particularly impressive was the fantastic turnaround of five days from placing the order with yourselves to the full implementation of an up and running system.” – Tina Brooks, Head of Traffic and Parking Services, London Borough of Bexley

The benefits of car parking management include:

Ask for specialist car park management from Creative Car Park

Additional Space

Increase space to park by removing unauthorised users.

Happier students & staff

Let visitors as well as students and staff park efficiently, thanks to our automatic approvals.

More free time

Stop investing your time on patrols, complaints and appeals.

Increased revenue

Receive more payments thanks to the wide range of payment solutions we offer.

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