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Effective Residential Car Park Management

Do you run a residential apartment block with car parking facilities? Are your residents often frustrated when they can’t easily park their vehicle?

We understand the frustrations when your car parking operations don’t run as smoothly as they could do, both for yourselves and your car park users.

Residential car parks can often be a target for unauthorised parking taking up valuable spaces for your paying residents. Not forgetting, in some cases, residents can use more parking spaces than they are entitled to causing disruptions for other neighbouring homeowners.

With the growing number of car park owners and cars on the road, it’s not surprising residential apartment buildings have put more time and money into car parking facilities.

By utilising an effective and innovative resident car park management company, we can take the pain away and the management off your hands.

We know what works and what solutions you need. We ensure car park facilities are used in the way they were intended, but also, in the most efficient and profitable way so both residents and staff are happy.

Get specialist residential car park management solutions from Creative Car Park:


Maximize the space of your available area

Free up parking spaces by tracking and preventing unauthorised use.

Enhanced security and protection for vehicles

Let visitors and customers park easily, thanks to out automatic approvals.

Extra time

Stop wasting time and budget on patrols, complaints and appeals.

Extra revenue

Boost payments thanks to on-site machines and payment-by-phone.

Are you eligible for our Residental Car Park Management?

We work closely with medium and large residential complexes with car parking facilities of a minimum of 12 spaces. 

If you’re in a central location – in a town or city centre, easily accessible, close to amenities – we can help to ensure your facilities are managed effectively. 

In dense traffic areas with high footfalls, we know it can be difficult to control the use of your parking facilities, especially if you are frequently a target of unauthorised or illegal parking, car abandonment and/or nuisance parking.

This can be particularly difficult to control if you’re used to manual processes and utilising car park barriers or parking permits to manage your residential car parking.

Our innovative solutions remove the stress and hassle out of car park management. We take care of everything for you using a web portal for permits in addition to a tablet(s) at entrances for easy access in and out.

How to solve residential parking issues with us

At Creative Car Park, we provide a range of parking solutions designed to help you more efficiently manage your residential car park. 

Our cutting edge ANPR technology includes integrated camera systems that accurately read and register the number plates of all vehicles entering and leaving your car park. This technology works seamlessly with the latest payment systems and all information is stored securely for you, should you need to use it to enforce the rules of your car park. Our ANPR technology is 100% ethical, giving you the ability to manage your car park 24/7 and removes the potential for confrontation. 

We also offer other parking solutions including self-ticketing to allow you to take control and combat unauthorized parking at no extra cost to you. This parking solution includes the installation of clear, bold signage designed to discourage unauthorised use of your car park. 

Investing in our parking management solutions could help you to more efficiently manage your residential car park. View our complete range of parking solutions to find the right solution for your business.

We’re the trusted UK car parking management firm for businesses in every sector, including leisure, hospitality, retail parks, education, restaurants, the NHS, hotels and more:



Car Parks


Are people abusing your car parks? Call us!

Our full range of car parking management services include:

  • ANPR Car Park Management
  • SpaceWatch Parking Bay Monitoring
  • Car Park Permitting
  • Pay & Display Parking
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Self-ticketing Solutions
  • Manual Ticketing
  • ANPR Car Park Barriers
  • Car Park Consultancy
  • Car Park Security
  • Car Park Leasing & Purchasing

Why choose us for your Residential Car Park Management

For over two decades, we’ve been providing high-quality car parking management solutions to clients from all types of sectors. Our expert understanding of the importance of efficient management and maintenance of car parks means that we will create professional and innovative bespoke car park management solutions for your residential complex.

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