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Nuisance Parking

Are you often faced with nuisance parking in your area? Fed up of people parking or blocking your driveway? Want to put an end to people abandoning their vehicles or unlawfully parking at your premises?

Nuisance parking can cause serious disruptions for you as a business owner or a homeowner alike. Parking problems can be dealt with by your district council, the police, or for business owners, a car park management company.

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Do you know what your business loses when a potential customer cannot find a space in your car park?

If your average customer spend is £100, having an unauthorised vehicle parked in your car park could cost you over £500 a day in lost revenue for just that one space*.

Spread that figure over several parking spaces for a whole year and the impact could be the difference between profit and bankruptcy.

We can prevent this with our car park management solutions installed within as little as two (2) weeks at no cost to you.

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*Based on an average of all UK businesses. Daily spend will depend on the nature, size and location of the business

What is nuisance parking?

Nuisance parking is considered the act of parking on private land or property without having consent to do so. 

Examples of nuisance parking include parking on a private driveway or parking space, or parking over a private access causing an obstruction. 

A parking charge notice can be issued against the vehicle concerned, the owner is liable to pay the charge.

On public land, such as double yellow lined areas, or grass verges/ pavements, the vehicle could have a penalty charge notice applied and any costs incurred by the local council or police force in removing, storing or destroying the vehicle could also be added.

When can legal action be taken?

Your local authority can take legal action against when:

  • Exposing vehicles for sale on a road.
  • 2 or more vehicles are for sale and are parked within 500 metres of each other on a road or roads 

Repairing vehicles on a road:

  • repair, maintenance, servicing, improvement or dismantling work takes place of a motor vehicle
  • installation, replacement or renewal work takes place of a motor vehicle

If your local authority deems the offense to be a minor offense, they can issue a £100 fixed penalty charge notice.

For serious offenses, the following people could be prosecuted:

  • the person directly responsible for the nuisance parking
  • the director, manager or secretary of a business that employs the individual responsible for the nuisance parking

When legal action cannot be taken

Local authorities cannot take legal action against:

  1. Private individuals selling their own car
  2. Individuals carrying out emergency repairs within 72 of the breakdown or accident

Types of Nuisance Parking

Abandoned Vehicles

Car abandonment occurs when a vehicle owner abandons a car in a public place, typically on the side of a road, or a private car park for a long period of time. This can cause quite a significant disruption for car park owners as well as homeowners. Not to mention the obstruction this could be to the emergency services. 

If you’re the owner of a private car park, Creative Car Park can help by offering professional ANPR car park services, easily identifying unauthorised cars taking up space on your property and enforcing parking charge notices to offenders.

For more information, please read about our car abandonment service.

Blocked Driveways

Blocked driveways are a common frustration for many homeowners. 

If your driveway is temporarily blocked and preventing you from accessing your driveway, you will need to contact the car owner to move their vehicle.

If your car is parked on your driveway, drivers are not permitted to block you in, or prevent you from leaving your property. If this is the case, you should contact the police on 101 to report the problem.

Repairing Vehicles

As previously stated, vehicle owners are allowed to carry out repairs, maintenance or installation work on a vehicle on a road within 72 hours of an accident or breakdown. Any work carried out outside of this is considered an offence. 

You should contact your district council to report the problem.

Selling Vehicles

As previously stated, it is an offence for anyone to sell 2 or more vehicles within 500 metres of each other.

You should contact your district council to report the problem.

School Parking

School parking issues are a common problem for homeowners in the area, as well as, parents alike. 

Zig-zag lines are often utilised by schools to prevent nuisance parking. As well as pedestrian crossings to create increased safety for everyone in the area. 

Read our guide to learn how you can solve school parking issues

Types of Nuisance Parking

Untaxed Vehicles

If you have an untaxed vehicle, under no circumstances should the vehicle be on the road. 

If you believe there is an untaxed vehicle causing a nuisance on your street, you should report it to the Driver Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA).

Vehicles parked on grass verges/pavements

If you are aware of a vehicle causing disruption by parking on a pavement or verge with parking restrictions in place, you can contact your local district council.

If the pavement or verge does not have parking restriction in place, you will need to report in to your local police force by calling 101.

Yellow lines

If a vehicle is causing a nuisance in your local area by parking on yellow lines, you should contact your local district council who can issue a penalty charge notice.

Illegal Parking

Illegal parking is also a common type of nuisance parking. According to the Highway Code, it is illegal to park:

  • opposite or within ten metres of a junction
  • over a dropped kerb
  • on a pedestrian crossing
  • in parking spaces marked for Blue Badge holders, residents or motorbikes
  • in taxi bays, cycle lanes or red lines

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 How can Creative Car Park put a stop to Nuisance Parking

At Creative Car Park, we help businesses and private car park owners alike put a stop to nuisance parking at their premises. We offer unique car park management solutions to ensure you’re without disruptions. We provide a variety of enforcement solutions, including:

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