Regain control of your parking situation legally, with zero setup costs for your business.

Are you grappling with unauthorised or nuisance parking issues on your property?

Wheel clamping, a common method to deter improper parking, surrounds the vehicle’s wheel, rendering it immobile. However, this practice comes with its drawbacks and legal complexities.

Unfortunately, without lawful authority clamping, blocking, or towing vehicles on private land is illegal. However, you’re not without recourse against nuisance parking. With the use of ANPR, you can address nuisance parking issues legally and at no cost to you.

In less than four weeks, we can help resolve your parking concerns and help you regain control of your property’s parking situation. Simply book a free, no-obligation today.

Clamping versus ANPR

When comparing Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) with traditional wheel clamping, ANPR emerges as a superior solution for several reasons:

If you are interested in ANPR parking management on your property, book a free no-obligation consultation to discuss your options with one of our team.

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