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Innovative Transport Parking Management

Are you experiencing problems with finding available parking spaces for your customers and staff at your transport location?

Do you find that your car park gets continuously taken over by unauthorised vehicles, leading to delays, stress and ultimately a waste of money and time? Due to a nearby transportation hub.

At Creative Car Park, we offer cost-free, bespoke parking management solutions to address the needs of businesses within the proximity of key transport hubs. We combine our expertise with our creative thinking to always go the extra mile to solve specific parking issues that our clients face.

The benefits of car parking management include:

Get specialist car park management from Creative Car Park

Extra spaces

Free up parking spaces by tracking and preventing unauthorised use.

Extra happy customers

Let visitors and customers park easily, thanks to out automatic approvals.

Extra time

Stop wasting time and budget on patrols, complaints and appeals.

Extra revenue

Boost payments thanks to on-site machines and payment-by-phone.

Get creative with our Transport Parking Management solutions

Working with many businesses in the Transport industry, we know when it comes to the management of their car parks, transport hubs experience a wide range of issues.

The lack of parking spaces taken up by vehicles parked without authorisation can, and in most cases does, lead to losing customers as well as revenue.

This will not only put unnecessary stress on your customers and your business, but it might also lead to delays and customers missing their departure, discouraging them from ever using your facility again.

Other problems due to a lack of proper parking enforcement management can consist of vandalism to your car park and damage to your customers’ vehicles.

These issues could be a deciding factor for your customers on whether or not to use your facility as the safekeeping of their vehicle will be a top priority, especially if they are leaving for several days.

How to solve transport parking issues

To solve these problems, we recommend investing in a functional parking management solution that will help you stop your car park from being overrun with inconsiderate motorists.

Our top-of-the-line ANPR technology is a highly integrated camera system that allows us to take pictures of every vehicle accessing and leaving your location.

It works smoothly with all of the latest permit and payment systems, automatically issuing your customers with a ticket in the post in the event they breach your car park rules.

These cameras are in action 24/7 to improve the security of your facility and dramatically reduce the risk of confrontation, as well as the risk of criminal activities undertaken at your premises and is 100% ethical.

To further help our clients, we provide self-ticketing parking solutions in order for you to maintain control of your car park, without the need of investing a fortune. This involves the installation of appropriate regulatory signage to discourage offenders from the unauthorised use of your car park.

We also offer car park enforcement solutions, which allow for parking tickets or Parking Charge Notices (PCN) to be legally issued to your customers to help keep order.

PCNs can be issued to drivers that are in breach of any parking restrictions put in place, including the unauthorised use of disabled parking spaces.

At Creative Car Park, we currently offer parking management solutions to a number of sectors, including council services, retail parks, education facilities, restaurants & pubs, and many more. Visit our ‘Services Page’ for more details.

We’re the trusted UK car parking management firm for businesses in every sector, including leisure, hospitality, retail parks, education, restaurants, the NHS, hotels and more:



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Are people abusing your car parks? Call us!


Our full range of car parking management services include:

  • Full ANPR parking solutions
  • Car park permit systems
  • Pay & Display parking
  • Physical patrols by wardens
  • Self-ticketing options

As the ethical parking enforcement company for transport locations, we can stop the illegitimate use of your car parks, improve the parking experience for customers and save you both time and money.

“Particularly impressive was the fantastic turnaround of five days from placing the order with yourselves to the full implementation of an up and running system.” Tina Brooks, Head of Traffic and Parking Services, London Borough of Bexley

The personable way of car park management

Despite being a highly technological company, actively investing in innovation, we still believe that a human approach is best when it comes to customer service. Every client has a designated personal account manager who knows their sites and deeply understands their business. Together, we build long-lasting, trusted relationships and react promptly to developing new products and services when our client’s needs change. We also always remember that you are the owner of the car park, enforcing only rules you require.

A personal and technological cost-free solution?

Now, that is creative!

Why choose Creative Car Park for your Transport Location

In 2003 our clients were asking for a way to reduce the number of instances of confrontation in the car park, so we pioneered the use of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) systems.

Just as we were back then, we are still the most forward-thinking parking management solutions business on the market. We use a unique blend of the latest technologies and our human touch to create 100% ethical and efficient transport parking management solutions.

We’ve been helping clients from the transport industry to resolve their parking issues for 20 years. Low-cost flights and trains have further increased the demand for travelling, meaning that key transport hubs have busy car parks all year round.

We understand very well the problems that transport locations face with their car parks on a daily basis, so we know how essential it is that they are well managed. We’ll work with you to create a bespoke solution to serve your business.

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