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SpaceWatch™ Parking Bay Monitoring

We know every car park is different, and every business has different needs. Having pioneered the introduction of ANPR into the parking industry nearly 20yrs ago, we remain at the forefront of parking management and innovation.

We understand that businesses with multiple entrances and exits, thru roads, rights of way and those with allocated bays in a much larger car park often suffer from complex car park management issues which lead to customer confusion and abuse. Traditional solutions such as Traffic Wardens which prove ineffective as car park layouts and signage can be confusing, or private land dictates they cannot operate. On the other hand, barriers can often not be used due to the complexities, and standard ANPR solutions do not work due to the precise and bespoke nature of your car park layout. That’s where SpaceWatch technology can help. This unique solution watches independent parking bays as opposed to the entire car park at any one time.

If you have a car park headache at your business or place of work, contact us today for a quick and friendly chat with one of our car park consultants. We will find the right solution for you, and it usually won’t cost you a penny.

Your parking issues and the problems caused

Do you have any of these issues, that have previously lost you business, caused frustration or created unwanted hassle to your work day;

  • Right of way access to another property abused
  • Thru road access
  • Previously rejected by another parking operator
  • Confused warden does not come as often as the abusers
  • Parking spaces allocated within a larger shared car park
  • Neighbouring business clients in your spaces
  • Spaces in a long configuration at the side or rear of the property
  • Odd layout/ shape/ location of your car park

Trust us, we have seen it all and that is why we built this system – for you and for your business.

Many car parks and car parking areas are not straight forward. Businesses have different rules and ways of operating, different locations and layouts. Contact one of our parking consultants today and we can offer solutions suited to your car park. Configure the system for your hours of operation, your client type, determine whether you want enforcement to prevent abuse or extra revenue from a pay and display/ phone app solution.


SpaceWatch™ Intelligent Parking Bay Monitoring

So what does this do and why is it different?

Well, instead of logging every vehicle entering and exiting the car park, SpaceWatch is an intelligent and sophisticated piece of technology which watches every single space independently.

Our Smart Cameras watch and monitor every bay in detail. A single-camera monitors multiple bays with a wide-angle lens, day and night, regardless of bad weather. When a vehicle parks in a Space it tags the vehicle, overlays a monitoring box and captures all of its details and vehicle registration. Our TrafficGuard system knows when it arrived, where it is parked, how it parked and when it departed.

If your business’ parking bays neighbour another business or access road, SpaceWatch focuses on the specific bays in question in great detail so regardless of what happens around the location, your space, your property and your business are protected.

Ease of management
Where relevant we will configure your parking system to ignore staff vehicles and will create temporary parking permits and exceptions for your genuine customers using a few alternative solutions available.

Our system is simple and easy to use, full training can be provided if required and it will integrate with other parking systems such as Pay and Display or Phone and Pay.

Smart parking systems
Remote car park management systems have come into their own in recent years, and their sophistication has only been accelerated by the requirement for less human intervention. Smart parking management systems including ANPR, manage visitors coming into and out of your car park, how they park in individual spaces and store their information in the event of a breach of regulation.

This information can also be used to provide visitors with information on the number of available spaces in your car park and collect data on visitor habits and trends, allowing you to more efficiently manage your car park.

The use of smart parking systems has vastly reduced the need for human intervention in car park management and has become a more convenient and efficient way for owners and visitors to use car parks.

Reduced number of car parking spaces
We are already seeing huge increases in the number of vehicles abusing smaller private business car parks located much closer to the single store or location a driver wishes to visit. Instead of parking and walking as above, many are choosing to park much closer and abandon cars for shorter periods, but in unauthorised locations. This is causing many localised parking issues and frustrating many business and landowners who wish to keep their parking areas available for genuine customers.

Many car parks may be negatively affected by this change in working pattern. Switching to smart parking methods can help to reduce overhead costs with reduced need for human intervention and can act as an incentive for visitors to choose to park in your car park.

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