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Car Parking Management for the Education Sector

Parking enforcement for

Educational Facilities

Does your car park fill up with unauthorised users, vehicles that are parked for too long or commuters taking advantage of free parking? Do these issues make it difficult for students and staff to find parking space, creating unnecessary stress and delaying classes? Does this lead to a loss of time, resources, and ultimately money for the institution?

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Car park management for the Educational Sector has become an increasingly difficult challenge, especially if there is the need to cover many campus locations as well as the need to supply for different users according to whether they are students, staff members, visitors or attendees.

  • Unauthorised vehicles abusing the facility
  • Overcrowded car park, especially during term time
  • Old and inadequate equipment
    • Lack of parking enforcement management
    • Theft, vandalism and other minor criminal activities

ANPR systems for the Education Sector

At Creative Car Park we understand the issues that Educational Institutions face on a daily basis with their car parks, and we provide a wide range of tailored fit solution to address them. We pride ourselves in ensuring that your students, staff and visitors will have a laid-back parking experience, whilst always understanding and accommodating the need for convenience given by a tight budget.

Thanks to our ANPR systems for Educational Institutions, (Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology), we can automatically identify the vehicles that breach your parking rules and send them a ticket in the post. After which (not surprisingly!) they do not re-offend again.

We understand that managing car parks for most Educational Institutions car park management is not considered a priority due to limited resources. And that is why all of this is handled at no costs to you (as our revenue is generated only from the drivers that breach your parking rules) on your behalf by a dedicated team of professionals and we cover the whole process from:

  1. Site survey
  2. Installation of both hardware and software
  3. Sending tickets
  4. Collecting payments
  5. Handling appeals

Our cameras, which take pictures of every vehicle that enters and leaves the facility also add an extra level of security to your facility, and significantly help to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Our system operates efficiently for both free and payment car parks and integrates with the latest electronic staff/visitor permit system, and it is built to be user-friendly, intuitive to use and 100% Ethical.

We also always remember that the car park is your property, and we enforce the rules that you require!

“The system works exactly as planned and promised. Creative has been helpful and efficient from initial set-up (when they provided a very quick installation service) all the way through to after care support and management. They are flexible, versatile and reliable.”
Kelly Jay, Director Property Manager, Tesco Stores Ltd