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Hospital Parking Systems & Management

Are you experiencing issues with finding available parking spaces for your visitors and staff at your healthcare facility?

We work closely with 12 NHS Trusts, 37 sites, and 11 private hospitals across the country, including the Sheffield Children Hospital and Manchester University Hospitals.

Do you find that your car park gets continuously over run by unauthorised vehicles, parking rules are breached, leading to unnecessary stress?

Creative Car Park can help!

The benefits of NHS car parking management include:

Get specialist healthcare facility parking management solutions from Creative Car Park

More available spaces

Free up parking spaces by tracking and penalising unauthorised use.

Happier patients and staff

Let visitors and staff park easily and freely, with automatic approvals.

Freeing your time

Stop wasting staff resource on patrols, complaints and appeals.

Generating more revenue

Increase payments with on-site machines and payment-by-phone.

Get creative with our NHS Parking Management solutions

At Creative Car Park, we offer bespoke parking management solutions to address the needs of businesses within key healthcare facilities. We combine our expertise with our creative thinking to always go the extra mile to solve specific parking issues that our clients face.

We work closely with 12 NHS Trusts, 37 sites, and 11 private hospitals across the country, including the Sheffield Children Hospital and Manchester University Hospitals.

In 2018, we were awarded a place on the NHS Shared Business Services Framework scheme, where we scored the highest (85.59%) for our ANPR offering, out of all of the companies competing.

What we offer to our NHS & private clients

Having worked with many businesses in the healthcare industry in the past, we know that when it comes to the management of their car parks, hospitals and other healthcare facilities experience a wide range of issues.

The lack of parking spaces taken up by unauthorised parked vehicles can, and in most cases does, lead to delays as well as loss of revenue. This could put unnecessary stress on your visitors and create bad press for your facility.

It could also lead to patients being late to their appointments, costing the NHS extra money, or emergency services not being able to reach correct access points due to unauthorised vehicles causing an obstruction.

Other problems due to improper car park management can consist of vandalism to your car park, petty or even more serious crimes happening in the car park to which vehicles have free access overnight, as well as damage to your staff and visitors’ property.

To solve these problems, we recommend investing in a functional parking management solution that will help you get the advantage you need to stop your car park from being overrun with inconsiderate drivers.

Our leading ANPR car park management system provided free of cost, is a highly integrated camera system that allows us to take pictures of every vehicle accessing and leaving your location. It integrates with all of the latest permit and payment systems, automatically issuing your customers with a parking charge notice in the post in case they fail to pay or breach your car park rules. These cameras, taking snaps 24/7, will improve the security of your healthcare facility and add much-needed flow to the car park.

To further help our clients, we provide self-ticketing parking solutions in order for you to maintain control of your car park, free of cost. This involves the installation of appropriate regulatory signage to discourage offenders from using your car park in an unauthorised way. To assist you in managing unauthorised parked vehicles, we provide you with a supply of parking tickets that request payment, which can be secured to the windscreen of any offending vehicle.

At Creative Car Park, we currently offer parking management solutions to a number of sectors, including transport locations, council services, retail parks, education facilities, restaurants & pubs, and many more. Visit our ‘Services Page’ for more details. We are fully accredited and endorsed by the BPA (British Parking Association) who also randomly secret shop our sites to ensure we comply to all of the highest parking standards set and expected, Creative Car Park always exceed these guidelines and expectations.

We’re the trusted UK car parking management firm for businesses in every sector, including leisure, hospitality, retail parks, restaurants, the NHS, hotels and more:



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Why choose Creative Car Park for your NHS Trust

In 2003, at the request of our clients, we pioneered the use of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) systems to reduce the number of instances of confrontation in the car park.

Having worked for the NHS themselves, our team understands the challenges faced by all healthcare facilities when it comes to car park management. Medical sites work completely different to private businesses such as hotels, and should, therefore, be managed effectively for the services that they provide.

We know that visiting a hospital is already a stressful experience in most instances, and we, therefore, want to ensure that your visitors and patients have as hassle-free of a time parking at your facility as possible. We look to protect those vulnerable patients by providing easy to use systems and work to provide your staff with enough spaces to park near the facility, to help put them in the right frame of mind before and after their shifts.

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