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Do I have to pay a parking charge notice?

  • Mar 31, 2020

If you commit a parking infringement on private land, you will be liable to a parking charge notice, unless you believe the ticket is unfair or unjust.

What is a parking charge notice? 

A parking charge notice is issued on private land, and is different from a penalty charge notice or parking ticket issued by a local authority on public land.

Parking charge notices are issued as a result of a driver breaching the terms and conditions of parking on private land.

When you enter a private car park you are immediately agreeing to a contract between you, the registered vehicle owner and the owner of the private car park.

Therefore, when you enter the car park you’re effectively agreeing to the terms and conditions of the car park and therefore, liable to a parking charge

As such, it is important you are aware of signage within a car park which should state the terms and conditions. If there are no signs or they are hard to find/faulty, this would put you in a good position if you did need to appeal a parking charge notice.

A parking charge notice can usually be found in a yellow plastic wallet with ‘Parking Charge Notice’ clearly printed across it, as opposed to ‘Penalty Charge Notice’ which is a local authority issued parking ticket.

Operators of a private car park are within their rights to leave a ticket on the unauthorised vehicle, hand a ticket to the owner of the vehicle or post the PCN to the address of the offending vehicle.

If the owner of the private car park is a member of the British Parking Association (BPA) or the International Parking Committee (IPC), the parking charge notice should give reasons for the parking infringement, the methods to pay the charged amount and information on how to appeal.

When parking in a private car park, operators are not obliged to offer drivers a 10-minute grace period (unless they are members of the BPA). That means if you return to your vehicle after the ticket’s expiration, even if it is a couple of minutes, you could be liable to pay a parking fine.

Ensure you park within the bays of the parking space as operators are able to issue PCN’s to vehicle drivers for parking outside of the lines.

If you have received a parking charge notice and have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be able to assist where possible. Call us on 020 7101 4871.