Why it pays to offer pre-book parking

How to generate revenue from your car park without lifting a finger.

If you have ANPR management in operation at your businesses, overseeing your car park, you’ll know how effective it is in deterring nuisance parking and unauthorised access, which in turn boosts space availability for genuine users.

But did you know that ANPR also unlocks the potential for generating extra revenue from your parking spaces?

At Creative Car Park we can monitor vehicle entry/exit data from your ANPR system and use this insight to determine whether you have spare parking capacity at certain times of the day or week. And if you do, we can make some of these spare spaces available for drivers to pre-book in advance.

What is pre-book parking and how does it work?

Picture the scenario: you’re driving to an area that you’re perhaps not familiar with and you want to leave your vehicle in a safe and convenient space. You don’t want to risk arriving and not being able to park, so you use a pre-book provider to secure and pay for a space in advance. You then turn up at your allotted time and park your vehicle. No delays, no stress – simple.

It’s even more straightforward if you’re a business that’s offering pre-book at your car park, as you don’t have to do anything – we take care of the whole process. Here’s how it works:

  • We identify that you have spare parking capacity and with your agreement, we advertise a small percentage of your spaces online via high-profile partner platforms, reaching millions of UK drivers who are actively looking for parking spaces.
  • Drivers book their parking securely in advance, on a website or using an online app. We use occupancy data to ensure we only take bookings for your unused spaces and any restrictions are observed.
  • Bookings are automatically integrated with your existing ANPR cameras to ensure a seamless experience for all drivers who pre-book their parking online.

You’ll earn money every time a booking is made and at the end of every three-month period you’ll receive payment for all completed bookings. It really is that simple.

What are the benefits of pre-book for my business?

If you already have an ANPR parking system in place, the benefits of pre-book are considerable.

  • New revenue stream: provides your business with direct additional income from your car park.
  • Improved space utilisation: your car parking provision is used more efficiently with less wastage.
  • Increased footfall: extra car park visitors potentially fuel further spending with your business.

What’s more, Creative Car Park partners with the leading pre-book providers (such as JustPark) which are used by millions of UK motorists. Their massive reach and marketing spend means that your business will attract more bookings and ultimately generate additional revenue from your under-utilised parking spaces.

To find out more about pre-book parking and how it can generate significant revenue from your car park, complete the short form below and one of our team will be delighted to provide more information.

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