Unifying Car Park Management Practices with a Code of Conduct

A Private Members’ Bill that proposes the creation of a single, nationwide code of conduct for car park management firms has now passed the Committee Stage in the Houses of Parliament, moving on to the Report Stage.

This bill – strongly supported by both ourselves at Creative Car Park and the British Parking Association – will have a positive impact on car park management across the country.

The importance of a code of conduct in car park management

The British Parking Association (BPA) currently has a Code of Conduct that all its members need to sign up to and abide by. As a BPA-approved operator, we have long followed the rules it sets out to ensure safe, fair and effective procedures in the management of our car parks.

We believe a code of conduct is essential for good parking management because it:

  • Unifies standards and procedures across all car parks
  • Recognises good operators
  • Provides for an effective appeals service
  • Gives landowners peace of mind
  • Helps educate the public
  • Improves the perception and reputation of parking management

Good parking management is essential for business operations, for prosperous town and city centres, and for smooth, safe traffic flows at hospitals.

Identifying and preventing rogue traders

However, the BPA’s code is not followed by every car park management firm in the UK. There are other codes, and there are several operators who don’t follow any.

They are a law unto themselves.

They do not sign up to any best practices or standard operating procedures, and they don’t follow any agreed regulations. They are not held to account, and can cause lots of problems for car park users.

A UK code of conduct – for all car park management operators – will help to identify and prevent rogue traders, and also encourage the public to see the importance of good parking management.

The Committee recognised the reputable work of the BPA and the good work that its professional, approved operators like us are doing.

They identified the practices we follow that ensures an easy, fair and transparent experience for all motorists, and supported the creation of a nationwide code of conduct.

The bills now moves to the Report Stage – where amendments can be suggested – before quickly being followed by its third reading in the House of Commons.

We look forward to its progression.

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