The importance of letting people know that your car park is wheelchair accessible

Why you must add your accessibility flags to your Google Business Profile.

These days most private car parks have one or more parking spaces that are reserved for visitors with accessibility needs. These will typically be close to the main entrance and wider than standard spaces, enabling easier access for wheelchair users.

Yet many businesses do not flag this important fact on their Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business). Of the millions of UK businesses in the Google directory, we’ve discovered that only around a quarter (27%) actually state that they have a ‘wheelchair-accessible car park’.

The Google directory is a crucial resource which allows people to discover your business online and better understand what you offer – to “show the best of your business” as Google puts it. If you want to capture attention and stand out from the crowd it’s essential that you update your profile with as much useful information as possible.

There are many different attributes you can add to your profile, including accessibility details and specifically whether your car park is wheelchair accessible. When you edit your business information, you’ll find these attributes under the ‘More’ heading.

The benefits of sharing your car park accessibility status

Improves customer experience: Many individuals with mobility challenges rely on accessible facilities in their everyday lives, including those who use wheelchairs. By highlighting that your business has wheelchair-accessible car park space, you provide valuable information to potential customers, making it easier for them to plan their visit.

Increases visitor numbers: Accessible facilities can attract a wider customer base, including individuals with disabilities and those assisting them. By providing accessibility information on your profile, you make it easier for them to choose your business over others that may not offer similar provisions.

Enhances inclusive reputation: By demonstrating a commitment to accessibility you will enhance your reputation as an inclusive and considerate business, aware of customers’ needs. It shows that you’ve taken steps to accommodate all individuals. This can contribute to positive word-of-mouth, customer loyalty, and a more inclusive brand image.

Boosts online visibility: Google Maps is widely used by people searching for businesses, so providing accurate and detailed information, including wheelchair-accessible features, will improve your business’s visibility in search results on Google Maps and elsewhere online, attracting more customers.

Remember that maintaining accurate, current and consistent information on your Google Business Profile is important for providing an overall positive experience for all your customers. So take five minutes today to review your profile and update where necessary, and let’s collectively increase the number of UK businesses that accurately display their accessibility information.

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