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Supporting The Car Rental industry

Creative Car Park Ltd provides a wide range of services to the countries car rental industry.

The rapid growth in new forms of car rental services such as ‘drive and drop anywhere’, has led to an increased demand for remote car parking spaces, spread across many locations in key cities.

As the founding member of the British Parking Authority (BPA) and our commitment to delivering exceptional service since 1995, has made us a leader in this sector of the industry.

Key facts about our service

  • Supply individual car parking spaces across the United Kingdom
  • Vehicles are monitored via our innovative high-speed image capturing cameras
  • Our state-of-the-art APP provides live vehicle status
  • 24:7 support

Car Park owners

  • We need a minimum of 2 car park spaces
  • We will rent each space from Monday to Friday 1am to 5am
  • We will pay per month per car park space
  • You will not be responsible for the vehicle(s)
  • You will not be liable in any way
  • There is no cost to you

How it works

  • Car Park provider expresses interest
  • No obligation visit by our surveyor to assess the car park
  • Proposal presented to car park provider for consideration
  • Car Park provider can begin to receive their first month’s payment within 2 weeks of the surveyor’s visit.


  • “I don’t want to lose valuable car park spaces.”
    We only need to use your car park Monday to Friday 1am to 5am.
  • “I don’t want to be responsible for the car left in my car park.”
    The vehicle is fully insured, and you are not responsible for its theft or damage.
  • “How do you make sure that the car is only in my car park between 1am to 5am, Monday to Friday?”
    – We install a camera that monitors the space or space we hire.
    – No car will be using your car park before 1am.
    – Under the terms of our contracts with our clients they must remove the car from your car park by no later than 5am.
  • “I don’t want to have to deal with people, I have a business to run.”
    – You won’t.
    – We handle all communications and interactions.
    – Any problems are solely our responsibility to deal with.


  • “Do you need to paint my car park space or erect any special signs?”
  • “Will you be installing electric vehicle charging stations?”
    – No.
    – We can, only if you request it and there is a business case for it.
  • “I don’t want anything connected to my power supply and internet.”
    Nothing will be connected to your premises and supplies.
  • “What happens if something goes wrong?”
    – We have a UK call centre that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    – You will have a dedicated account manager.
    – We have contracts with a number of local vehicle removal companies who are contracted to remove vehicle that use your car park before 1am and after 5am.
    – Rest assured there is nothing for you to do and there will be zero disruption to your business.

Who we help

We’re the trusted UK car parking management company for businesses in every sector, including leisure, hospitality, retail parks, restaurants, the NHS, hotels and more:



Car Parks




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About Creative Car Park Ltd

Since 1995 we have provided tailor-made car park management solutions.

As a founding member of the British Parking Association (BPA) we are committed to clarity, compliance, and fairness.

We support communities and deliver excellence.

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