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Car Park Leasing & Purchasing


Do you have an existing car park for lease? Maybe you have vacant private land which could be an ideal location for a car park. At Creative Car Park, we provide landowners across the UK with an opportunity to earn an income by simply leasing your land.

Maximise the revenue of your site through our leasing and purchasing options which would utilise your space for parking compliance and enforcement.

1. We lease and purchase car parks

If you have an existing/operating car park, we will be happy to inspect, evaluate and prepare an offer to acquire it from you – on either a freehold or leasehold basis.

2. We lease and purchase land

We’re always interested in looking at land opportunities, where we can operate a parking business. If you have a site that you think we should consider, please contact us now.

3. We lease land on a short term basis

We also lease land that can be used as parking in the short/medium term, whilst you’re selling the plot of land or awaiting planning consent for development. What’s more, we will move out on one month’s notice when you’re ready to start building or once you’ve sold. If your development needs a car park, we can obviously hang around and stay on to help with that element too. Contact us for a chat or fill in our simple form to get the correct person to call you back.

Key facts about our service

  • Car park leasing 
  • Car park purchase
  • Profit share
  • White labelling 
  • Management agreements
  • Lease agreements
  • Portfolio purchasing 
  • Consultancy 
  • Flexible income sharing arrangements 
  • Transparent access to management information for tariff sharing agreements 
  • Real-time response reporting 
  • TrafficGuard ANPR Software
  • Total reassurance 

Maximise your opportunity to get the most from your land through car park leasing & purchasing

We offer two standard car park lease options:

  • Market rent – We evaluate the site and make you a fixed rental offer that is paid quarterly in advance.
  • Tariff revenue share – We share the tariff payments with you. In general, you’ll earn more this way – and as landlord and tenant our aims are totally aligned – to get the maximum tariff income generated.

And one bespoke car park lease option:

  • Somewhere between the above two standard lease options (ie a lower fixed rental and a share of tariff income).

Locations considered for car park leasing & purchasing

We consider all car park leasing opportunities nationally across the UK on their individual merits. Whether you have vacant land or land currently used for another purpose, we’ll be more than happy to conduct a site visit and evaluate its purpose.

Existing car parks purchased or leases taken over 

We buy car parks, or can additionally identify leasing opportunities throughout the country quickly and conveniently. If you have an existing tenant who is in arrears or are asking for concessions, speak to us first. We will take on almost all car parks offered and with upfront fees paid.

These could include:  

  • National car parks
  • Supermarket car parks
  • Multi-storey car parks
  • Leisure schemes 
  • Vacant land
  • Shopping centre car parks
  • Retail park car parks 
  • and many, many more…..

Fees available to unretained agents – Talk to us!

Cash in on Creative’s Growth

We’re looking to aggressively gain market share, and we need Acquisition Surveyors across the UK to assist us.

If you introduce a site to us, that we were previously unaware of, and we successfully complete an acquisition for car park leasing, we will pay you a fee equal to 10% of one year’s rent in respect of leasehold properties or 1.5% of the purchase price in respect of freehold properties – always subject to a minimum fee of £5,000 plus VAT

We move fast. We are ready, willing and able to acquire sites.

If you are aware of an existing car park, or land, that could be used for parking – we are your best bet for earning a fee!

Contact us now – before someone else introduces that opportunity that you’re thinking of.

Car park purchase and renting

When looking to generate income from your car park or land, there are several important factors which need to be considered. Depending on the length of time you wish to lease your land and the scale of your car park, we can provide flexible leasing options to ensure that you have a steady revenue stream while you obtain planning permission for redevelopment or sell your property.

We focus on helping our clients lease out their car parks for shorter periods of time under an official license agreement. When conducting car park purchases, we prefer to purchase freehold, which permits for outright ownership of the property (if a car park structure is present) and the land on which it stands. If outright purchasing is not possible, we will enter into lease or licence agreements which will be on a fixed rent or income share rent basis.

You don’t need to do anything, we take care of every aspect

Finding good, reliable income and use for your available car parking space can be difficult when you may be focusing on bigger projects. The Creative Car Park team are acclaimed by the British Parking Association and can provide a service that works around you, for your convenience.

We offer a completely bespoke service that allows your car park to function independently, therefore leaving you to tackle other important issues. Our team aims to take care of every aspect of your management logistics, from implementing technological solutions to reducing losses to parking wardens for maintaining security in your parking area. Established in 2005, we at Creative Car Park have over 15 years of expertise in building long-term relationships with our clients and providing stellar service time after time.

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