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ANPR Car Park Barrier System

Are your car park users often sat in lengthy queues outside of your car park? Could you improve the overall experience of using your car park?

You can improve the flow of your car park without the need for barriers with our car park management system.

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What is ANPR?

ANPR stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition, a car parking technology that allows us to create a bespoke car park management and entry system that aligns with your needs. ANPR cameras are strategically installed at entry and exit points of your car park, capturing images of vehicles’ number plates as they enter and exit the premises – making the entire process more safe and seamless. So, Whether you own a car park, oversee a commercial business or are an authorised managing agent/landowner, we can curate an automatic car parking system that will elevate your car park.

Our automated systems offer greater flexibility with no need for physical maintenance. We ensure that you have everything you need to run an efficient, user-friendly car park with automated barrier systems. Your customers can come and go as they please, unrestricted by bottlenecked processes. This all-round seamless experience for both residential and commercial users creates an efficient process, while you rest assured that ANPR is tracking entry and automatically managing the issuing of any ticket.

We are often asked how Number Recognition Cameras work, who controls them and what triggers the cameras. The process begins when a vehicle approaches the entry or exit point of the car park, using specialist sensors. The camera captures a clear image of the vehicle’s number plate which the system then cross-references the number plate with the car park’s database, which contains information on registered vehicles, valid permits, or paid-parking sessions.

If you have any further FAQs or queries, We we recommend talking to our team on the phone or through our contact form. We can assess your needs and quickly explain how we can elevate your car park experience.

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Get the most with our Automatic Car Park Barrier Systems

At Creative Car Park, we recognise the frustrations for both car park owners and users when using inefficient car park facilities.

This frustration is so often caused by slow or faulty barrier systems, which is why our innovative ANPR Car Parking Management Systems are so popular. ANPR car parks are Automatic Car Park Barrier Entry Systems which have been incorporated into your premises, to suit your business needs.

With this technology you can more easily manage your car park and prevent instances of:

  • Unauthorised parking
  • Lengthy queues
  • Loss of revenue<
  • Restricted operating hours
  • Customer dissatisfaction

With our parking management we help you to:

  • Increase profitability. Our car park management helps to increase profitability of your premises by ensuring only legitimate users pay for their allotted amount of time. They also reduce the need to employ extra staff to patrol the entrances of your car park.
  • Improve efficiency. Automatic parking systems reduce the queues for users entering your car park. This helps to ensure continued access for users and avoids any inconvenience or disruption due to car park barrier system malfunction.
  • Maximise available parking spaces. Unauthorised vehicle owners are deterred from using your car park facilities because our Automatic Camera System tracks number plates and requires motorists to depart within their allocated parking time, pay for parking or face receiving a ticket.
  • Improve customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction will be improved as customers can seamlessly enter and exit your car park with ease.
  • Reduce human error. The Creative Car Park Automatic Automatic Car Parking System does not require much human intervention as it is a fully automated Car Park Barrier System.
  • Improve security. Security is often one of people’s main concerns when it comes to your car parking premises. Motorists want to feel their vehicle is safe and secure which visibility of ANPR cameras can help to achieve by deterring potential thieves and reducing unauthorised vehicles entering the car park.
  • Reduce staff costs. Fewer staff are required to patrol and monitor car parks as automatic car park management automatically monitors and tracks the flow of the car park without holding up traffic.

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Enforcing your parking regulations effectively can be challenging when you are trying to run a successful business. At Creative Car Park our team of knowledgeable professionals are always on hand to offer creative, bespoke parking management solutions to give you one less thing to worry about. 

Our ANPR car park barriers can minimise potential revenue losses due to barrier malfunctions and keep your visitors flowing in and out of your car park, so you can generate more revenue and keep happy parkers coming back. With almost 30 years of experience offering tailored and creative car park management solutions, your business is in safe hands with us at Creative Car Park.

Car Park Barrier System

Category: ANPR Technology

We don’t charge for hardware or software. Plus, there is no upfront cost, no set up fee. Speak to a member of our parking team to begin developing a tailored parking plan for your facility. Get A Free Audit Now.

Category: ANPR Technology

Less than you’d think and again, it depends on your site. However, in many cases we can set-up and manage the entire system at zero to the client. This may sound too good to be true, but we recoup our costs from PCN payments from unauthorised users, effectively reducing abuse on your site over time. Get A Free Audit Now.

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