Private Car Park Regulations

The operator or owner of a private car park must belong to an Accredited Trade Association if they wish to contact the DVLA to access keeper details. 

The British Parking Association is a British-based trade association which represents UK organisations in the parking and traffic management industry. Members of the BPA include local government, commercial providers and car park operators for example. 

The International Parking Community is also a trade association representing parking operators within the public and private sectors. The IPC provides support and advice, access to the DVLA, administers Independent Appeals Service (IAS) and a professional training and development programme.

Private Car Park Rules and Regulations

If you enter a private park which belongs to the BPA and is part of the Approved Operator Scheme (AOS) they should display the AOS logo. The logo states the parking operator uses parking charge to enforce parking rules and regulations. 

The logo also means, if you were to receive a parking charge notice (PCN), you can be assured knowing you will be treated in a fair and reasonable manner.

Upon entering an AOS approved car park, you will see parking signage which clearly sets out the terms and conditions for parking. These should include:

  • how long you can park
  • whether you’re required to pay to park
  • how much you should pay to park
  • what happens if you break the terms and conditions
  • who to contact if you need to appeal a parking ticket

If you park in a private car park and break the regulations, you could face a parking charge notice (PCN). You will either find a parking notice fixed to your vehicle, handed directly to you or delivered within the post to the registered keeper.

If you, the registered keeper, believe you were not driving the vehicle at the time, you should provide the driver’s details to the car parking operator. If you are unable to do so, you are still liable to pay any parking charges incurred.

How to appeal a private parking charge notice

If you believe the parking ticket you have received is unjust, you must contact the parking operator for your reasons and any evidence you may have to suggest so. 

The parking operator must:

  • reply within 14 days acknowledging your challenge
  • reply within 35 days stating what they are going to do

The best way to almost always appeal a parking charge notice (PCN) is to contact the issuing party directly, and normally via their website for the instant logging of the appeal. The best and most reputable businesses will then freeze the charge amount until your appeal is dealt with and processed. 

To appeal a decision then made by a registered parking business regarding an already directed appealed parking charge, you must do so through the Parking on Private Land Appeals (POPLA). For more information please visit:

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