Creative Car Parking Management Solution for Hathaway Retail Park

Creative Car Park is delighted to announce the introduction of a bespoke digital car park management system at Hathaway Retail Park, Chippenham.

The two main car parks at Hathaway Retail Park will be closely monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras have been positioned at the entrance and exit of the retail park, capturing up to 80 still images of each vehicle entering and leaving the car parks. The system analyses the entry and exit images and can identify the length of stay to the second.

Shoppers can now park their vehicles for 3 hours in the car park.

Up until recently the car park has been exploited by commuters and non shoppers frequently abandoning their vehicles and disappearing all day. This new parking solution not only instantly identifies overstaying vehicles but encourages shoppers to partake in a greener parking scheme.

ANPR car parking management and control is proven to cut back on printing thousands of tickets and permits each week. It eradicates the need for barriers, and the ongoing maintenance incurred, and also eliminates out dated confrontational scenarios between motorists and traffic wardens.

Vehicles in contravention of the car park regulations will be issued a parking charge notice (PCN).

Motorists, who are issued a PCN, may however feel they have extenuating circumstances. In such cases, they are able to appeal the PCN in writing to the enforcement company ‘Civil Enforcement Ltd’. Each PCN appeal is considered on an individual basis.

Both employees of business in Hathaway Retail Park as well as customers will benefit thanks to the new ANPR camera solution installed in the car parks.  The newly installed traffic management system ensures that car parking spaces will be more readily available across both car parks around the clock.

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