Creative awarded 5 Year Empire Cinema Car Park Management contract

Cinema giant ‘Empire Cinemas Ltd’ has now instructed Creative Car Park to manage its car parks across Birmingham. The car parks are now managed using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras, allowing a maximum stay – with parking abusers receiving a parking ticket sent through the post.

The introduction of this car park management system will allow visitors a maximum stay of 5 hours. Manual parking patrols will be in operation to reduce disabled bay abuse and ensure plentiful spaces are allocated to movie enthusiasts.

Both sites consist of about 500 parking bays and disabled bays which have until recently suffered car park abuse and blue badge exploitation. Local taxi firms and commuters have been abusing the parking provisions and restricting the availability of spaces for genuine cinema patrons. Empire required an immediate solution to prevent this trend spiralling out of control.

The contracts were awarded to Creative due to the company’s experience in adapting established car parking management systems to the bespoke needs of individual sites.

Robert Adamson, Marketing & Communications explained, “Our operations and surveying teams worked together to devise an integrated enforcement parking system to ensure avid film viewers are assured plentiful and convenient parking – and no longer miss the start of their films due to the previous parking issues”.

Creative Car Park operates over 700 purchased, leased and managed car parks for numerous blue chip clients and authorities in the UK.

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