Car Park Management Solutions at Whole Foods Market, Giffnock

Customers are now enjoying stress free parking that promises to extend its impact onto the environment, making this a truly unique and global solution for customer convenience whilst saving money and energy for the retailer.

Creative Car Park is responsible for the maintenance and running of a bespoke car parking operation & enforcement service, in the Glasgow-Giffnock branch of “Whole Foods”.  Whole Foods opened their first Scottish store in Glasgow-Giffnock in November 2011.  Creative Car Park are excited to have been chosen to work alongside Whole Foods to promote this scheme.

Whole Foods, an organic foods retailer, are aiming to make the Giffnock suburb of Glasgow one of the ‘greenest’ in the whole of Scotland.  The ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), ticketless management operation that Creative Car Park runs is designed to help the client achieve their wider aims in this respect. Creative Car Park manages the branch car park on behalf of Whole Foods.

Related positives to this scheme are the minimisation of car park abuse, for example by commuters, ensuring genuine Whole Foods customers are able to park at the store, at their convenience.  Ultimately, this leads to an all round greater customer experience, aiding the client in establishing credibility as a new retailer in the local community.  Early success and positive reception of this scheme has already helped establish both Whole Foods’ and Creative Car Park’ reputations in each respective field.

Creative Car Park solutions have installed and operate ANPR designed cameras at the site.  These cameras take over 60 images of each car entering and leaving the site.  This efficient new way of car parking management makes redundant the need for ticketing machines, entry/exit barriers, and traffic officers to police the car park and uphold the rules.

This has a wider ranging, ‘knock on’ impact, as it minimises customers queuing for spaces as well as eliminating frustrating scenarios, such as the malfunctioning ticket machine.  These positive effects are encouraging the local community to embrace the greener, congestion easing manner of parking management.  Whole Foods deliver an efficient, modern, eco-friendly car parking experience in keeping with their mission statement.

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