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Case study: Parking revenue generation at a members’ club


With a private car park that needed regular upkeep, along with the necessity to prioritise members parking over the general public, Worksop Miners Club turned to Creative Car Park for help and advice.

The client

Worksop Miners Club

The sector

Leisure & Entertainment

The challenge  

Worksop Miners had a small, private car park of around 50 spaces, managed by the club themselves. It was regularly overcrowded, and members at the club were complaining about not being able to park.

The club needed to ensure members had priority in the car park and could continue to park for free.

But they also wanted to introduce pay and display parking charges for the general public, in order to generate revenue for the car park’s continued upkeep.

The obstacles 

For senior management at the club, the main goal of a new car parking management solution was to generate revenue that could pay for any associated costs and ensure the car park was kept in a good condition.

For members, any solution needed to prioritise their parking needs, and it mustn’t interfere with their current routine – or result in parking charges for them.

The club needed a way to charge the general public, allow members to park for free, and offer some sort of middle ground for those official visitors to the club. This included non-members who may be joining the club, or guests coming for an official meeting or event.

Machinery was needed to be able to introduce car parking charges, and there were concerns over the cost of this.

Finally, the decision to overhaul parking control management at the club lay with multiple stakeholders. There was a committee of individuals who all had to agree to the changes.

The solution

We discussed several options with the company chairman, and then approached the committee at Worksop Miners Club with our proposed solution.

The preferred option included:

  • A pay and display machine on site for the general public
  • An automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system to allow members to park for free via a permit system
  • A touchscreen in the bar area for daily visitors to secure approval for free parking

Tina, our senior sales rep, worked tirelessly to explain all the details to the committee, in an open and transparent way. All questions were answered, and any fears were addressed with examples of how the system worked in reality.

The ANPR system would ensure all members were recognised automatically and wouldn’t have to do anything to sign in or reclaim payments.

The pay and display machine would help to generate revenue for the club from the general public.

And the touchscreen in the bar would ensure that any visitors to meetings or events, and any potential new members, could all enter their details and avoid the need to buy a ticket or a potential parking charge notice.

The results

After several meetings over the course of 3 months, to ensure that all committee members had spoken with Tina and understood how the new car park management would work, the club agreed to our proposed solutions.

To overcome the potential issue of the pay and display machine cost, we agreed a revenue split from parking charges until it was paid for.

Successful results included:

  • Increase in member and committee satisfaction
  • Boost in revenue from the car park
  • Increase in space availability for members
  • Streamlined process for guests and visitors
  • Dramatic reduction in staff admin time on parking management