Car Park Security

Are you struggling to keep your car park secure? Receiving complaints of vandalism or constantly ticketing for unauthorised parking?

Security issues can cost your business valuable time and money to fix, along with losing the confidence of your current and potential customers.

Whether you own a small private car park or a large multi-story, the level of security should be the same across the board. Secure your car park with easy-to-manage, adaptable security solutions available with Creative Car Park.

Our tailored service will take into account your goals and objectives and provide you with a choice of the best possible security solutions for your car park.

What is a secure car park?

A secure car park is one where you have complete control over the security of your private or public car park.

Improving your car park security can help to manage and significantly reduce nuisance parking, vandalism, abuse, and many other breaches in security including damage to vehicles and theft. Installing car park security systems like CCTV, number plate recognition intelligence or parking enforcement services is a great way to provide peace of mind to you, as well as your visitors, residents, and motorists.

Successfully maintaining a secure car park can encourage your customers to return time and time again, increasing your revenue and building confidence in your paying visitors.

We would highly recommend securing your car park by monitoring each vehicle that enters your property. Our innovative ANPR technology can automatically register the number plate of each vehicle that passes through your car park entrance. It then stores this information in the event of unauthorised parking, unpaid use of the car park or a parking regulation violation. By simply using this technology you can eliminate the risk of human error.

Our ANPR system is specifically designed to help maximise space, increase security and build confidence with your customers. This in turn increases your annual revenue as customers return time and time again.

It also has the intelligence to accumulate valuable data on customers’ parking habits and patterns in any kind of behaviour. This data can be analysed to improve the functionality and security of your car park.

Investing in adaptable systems will allow you to secure your car park with the best possible solution for your needs. This is why as well as the ANPR solution, we also have a comprehensive range of alternative car park enforcement solutions so that you can find the best fit for you and your business.

Our Car Park Security Solution

Car park security is one of the most important aspects of managing your land or property. Our clients have faced issues like illegal parking, car abandonment, trespassing, clamping, and nuisance parking, and came to us for a working solution

We offer a number of services that, alone or in combination, will significantly improve your car park security. With our technology and ongoing support as a car park security company, you can:

Free up more spaces

Increase revenue

Increase footfall

Reduce abuse and misuse of your car parks

Provide total reassurance to customers

Who we help

Who can benefit from improved car park security

We recognise and understand the needs of your businesses and increase the profitability, efficiency, and security of your car park in either the private or public sector. We can provide security for car parks in any sector from large corporate companies and industries to smaller more niche locations such as restaurants and hotels.

We have experience in working with the following sectors:

With our experience, we are confident that we can help provide you with the level of security you need to help improve your customer experience and in turn increase your revenue.

Get the most from your secure car park

Creative Car Park is the one-stop solution to car park securities – with more than two decades of experience in securing car parks across the UK, we boast a fantastic customer satisfaction rating and pride ourselves in providing all-encompassing support.

The process is simple – call us for a consultation and we’ll help you determine which of our state-of-the-art solutions will help you meet your business goals and objectives. After we install them, we’ll continue to support you and help manage your new security systems as your trusted business partner. The journey is entirely customisable and transparent, so you’re assured complete control and peace of mind.

In addition to providing our clients with the best car park security, we are also experts in a range of areas including:

Space Monitoring

Permit Parking

Pay to Park