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Comprehensive Cloud & Paper Permit Systems

Access a range of flexible permit parking solutions and permit applications to suit your individual needs.

Comprehensive cloud & paper car parking permit systems

Car Park Permit Systems

Online Permit Applications:

Applicants (usually Staff) apply online for a car parking permit. Admin is therefore kept to a minimum and no need for paper. All stages of the application are automated and trackable and applications cannot be lost.

Tailored Permit Applications:

Applications can be as complex or as simple as required and tailored to suit individual client requirements. Usually clients opt for a set of specific questions with certain answers triggering car park allocation or they use a needs based points system whereby questions can be weighted as required. Separate systems can be made for different user groups. i.e. Contractors.

Multiple Verification Levels:

Email verification is usually required so that line managers or a central office can verify certain criteria within the application process before a permit is issued. We tailor the verification processes to suit the client and can offer as few or as many verification stages as required.

Multiple Permit Types:

We allow you to offer multiple (often complex) permit types with any combination of price, length of permit, allowable car park(s), length of stay, time or day of the week. You can even implement an ANPR pay as you go permit system with automated payment methods.

Cloud or Paper Permits:

We recommend a fully automated cloud based permit parking system linked to ANPR and enforcement officers however we can also offer printed (foil) permits. With printed permits we give clients the ability to print their own permits or we can print them for you. Printed paper permits are particularly useful during the transition period between an old paper permit system and a new ‘cloud’ permit system.

NHS and University Parking Permit Systems:

The permit parking system is particularly useful for large complex organisations where different users such as staff, contractors, patients, students, visitors need to share car parks.

Linked Permits:

All permits will be linked to ANPR or Enforcement Officer’s handhelds ensuring accurate ticketing.

Access Systems:

Whilst the permit parking system can run alongside any access system such as barriers and card/token based systems an ANPR linked permit parking system removes the requirement for such cumbersome and costly card/token based access systems.

Online Appeals Service:

Applicants who have been rejected car parking or received a car park not to their liking, can be offered the right to an online appeal. The applicant will receive an emailed proforma. The appeals panel can then reject, accept or decide at a later date the outcome of the appeal and inform the appellant of their decision by an automated email.

Waiting List:

If required we can hold a waiting list and automatically offer permits when spaces become available.

Multiple Payment Options:

We give you the ability to offer multiple payment options. We recommend automated and cashless payment options such as credit and debit card payments, direct debit solutions or a fully linked salary sacrifice/deduction payment option to your payroll software. However you can also offer cost codes, cash, invoicing and non-automated salary sacrifice/deduction.

Car Sharing:

Applications can include confirmation of car sharing whereby preference can be given for permit allocation or to show willingness to car share so that a match can be found. The system can even offer car share matches e.g. via working patterns and postcode.

Align Permits to Applicant Commute including Public Transport Journey Times:

Permit applications can automatically take into consideration where the applicant lives in relation to their work place i.e. by omitting postcodes or using radiuses. We can even use sophisticated public transport ‘look ups’ to calculate how long an applicant takes to get to work via public transport so that preference can be given to applicants for whom it takes longer.

Vehicle Emissions Allocation & Charging:

An automated vehicle lookup can be used to gain the applicant’s car emission details so that the vehicle’s tax banding can then be used to allocate points and give preference to more environmentally friendly vehicles or even allocate the price the applicant pays for their permit.

Scope 3 Emission Data Reporting:

Providing data on Scope 3 emissions is a mandatory requirement for carbon reporting. As required we can extract key data from parking applications e.g. fuel type, distance, frequency of use and by applying a national carbon conversion factor you can report your Scope 3 emissions on business and commuter travel.

Real time management statistics and reporting:

All data can be accessed in real time and reports generated. Permit data can be linked to ANPR data and car park sizes giving valuable insights.

We will also tailor reports as required.

Secure Data:

Data is held securely in the UK and we carry the following accreditation:

  • ICO Registration
  • NHS Information Governance Toolkit completed and independently audited
  • PCI Certified & Compliant – Government standard for holding Payment card details
  • DVLA audited
  • Registered with the Information Commissioner for Data Protection
  • Member of the British Parking Association (BPA)
  • Approved Operator Scheme Certification from the BPA

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Key facts about our service

  • Online trackable, applications, reduced admin, no paper
  • Completely tailored to your exact requirements
  • Multiple verification levels & permit types
  • Cloud or paper permits
  • Suitable for large organisations including NHS trusts & universities
  • Linked to ANPR & enforcement handhelds
  • Online appeals & waiting lists & car sharing
  • Multiple & automated payment options
  • Align permits to applicant commute inc public transport journey times
  • Vehicle emissions allocation & charging
  • Automatic scope 3 emission data reporting
  • Live data & reports at your fingertips
  • Fully secure data and payment processing
“The ANPR car park management system works exactly as planned and promised. Creative has been helpful and efficient from initial set-up (when they provided a very quick installation service) all the way through to after care support and management. They are flexible, versatile and reliable.”
Kelly Jay, Director Property Manager, Tesco Stores Ltd