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Car Park Management

At Creative Car Park we recognise the need for businesses to effectively manage car parking on their premises. Parking is at a premium, so you want to provide convenient parking for genuine users and your employees, creating a positive experience for everyone.

But the everyday reality is that nuisance and unauthorised parking can create significant issues. If there are no spaces available, genuine users may be forced to park elsewhere or abandon their plans – which can lead to a negative impact on footfall and revenue.

We adopt a simple approach to car park management, using the latest automatic camera technology to increase space availability and ensure parking is always available for the people who really need it. Genuine users can enter their details for free parking, or alternatively pay to park. Unlike other car park management services, there are no barriers blocking entry or wardens ticketing vehicles. It’s completely non-confrontational and frees up time to focus on the more important things.

We pride ourselves on providing UK businesses with hassle-free car parking management solutions, along with the potential to generate new revenue from their car parks.

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Key facts about our service

  • Maximising available space
  • Improved footfall
  • Increased business revenue
  • Increased security
  • Potential additional parking revenue
  • Income generation possibilities
  • Arrival & duration patterns
  • Touch screen management solution

Car Park Management Solutions

To help with car park management issues we offer a range of solutions that prevent problem parking and keep your car park accessible, safe and secure.

ANPR Parking Solutions – Our advanced camera technology automatically captures vehicles as they enter and exit your premises, allowing you to manage your car park and easily identify whether there are unauthorised vehicles taking up valuable spaces.

Car Park Enforcement – With our ANPR system in place you can effectively regulate your car park and ensure that your parking rules are enforced around the clock, removing the potential for human error and confrontation.

Phone and Pay – If you are looking to generate revenue from your car park, our Phone and Pay service allows users to quickly and easily purchase parking tickets using their mobile phone, via a free app or website. 

Pay and Display – Alongside Phone and Pay, we also offer an alternative option where users pay for parking using a cashless terminal. Users do not have to worry about losing a physical ticket or carrying spare change.

Permit Systems – Our ANPR cameras can be easily connected to a versatile permit system to increase efficiency and provide an ethical solution for employee and residential car parking management.

Why choose Creative Car Park for car park management?

Businesses choose Creative Car Park for car parking management because we take care of every aspect.

Setup costs covered

We cover all setup costs, including the professional installation of cameras and signage, so you can have your car park up and running with zero outlay. Our solutions are designed around your parking spaces, so you can be sure everything is tailored to your individual requirements.

Quick and easy install

We handle everything and it typically takes less than two weeks to complete the whole installation process. We also provide a full onboarding programme to ensure you and are your staff are fully familiar and comfortable with the system. 

Dedicated help and support

A personal UK-based account manager will support you throughout your entire Creative Car Park journey, ensuring everything is working as it should for your business. Signage is routinely checked and cleaned/repaired where necessary.

An ethical approach to parking

Our aim is to provide a fair experience for your car park users, to reflect positively on your business. We lead the way in unheld rates of appeal cases submitted by motorists to POPLA, the independent appeals service, showing that we get it right.

We provide car park management systems for:

Hotels – Ensuring there is always convenient parking availability for guests

Restaurants – Freeing up spaces for paying customers with maximum stay parking measures

Residential – Securing spaces for owners and residents using clever permit systems

Schools- Keeping roads around schools safe by providing parking from staff and students

Healthcare – Providing accessible parking for visitors and employees at healthcare facilities

Leisure – Generating revenue with pay-to-park options outside leisure and tourism venues

Step Guide

1- A free parking consultation
Fill in our quick, easy form below. We’ll then contact you to book a virtual or in person consultation to listen to your needs.

2- Free audit and proposal
We’ll audit your parking and fully understand your requirements. We’ll propose a solution tailored to you.

3- Install and go live
We’ll conduct a full site survey and arrange professional installation. Often this is within 2 weeks!

4- Sit back & relax
We’ll manage the parking, letting you focus on your business. Start to see more efficient parking and earn monthly revenue.

Car Park Management

Yes, private companies can charge for parking on their private car park. This is a common practice and a source of revenue for many businesses and landowner who have the right to establish their own parking policies and fees – proving it’s within the bounds of applicable laws and regulations.

No. It is not necessary to have a barrier in a managed car park, as advanced ANPR camera technology can be used to capture vehicles entering and exiting the car park. This means there is less maintenance and fewer potential problems, and it can also be more convenient for car park users. Get A Free Audit Now.

Creative Car Park covers all setup costs (including installation), so you can have your car park up and up and running with zero initial outlay. This includes cameras, signage (external and internal) and full setup of the equipment by a professional in-house installation team. Get A Free Audit Now.

There is generally no maintenance required for a managed car park, as the system runs remotely. If any issues do arise, there is a support team available to assist. The company also provides onboarding and training for teams to ensure proper understanding of the system, and parking signage is checked at least once a year to ensure it is in good condition.

This is a strategic document that outlines the policies, procedures, and strategies for effectively managing and operating your parking area. This plan is a comprehensive guide for the people responsible for the day-to-day operations of the parking facility. It aims to ensure the efficient use of parking spaces and overall provide a positive customer experience.

Car park management refers to the planning, organisation and control of private car parks to ensure efficient and orderly use of parking spaces. It involves various strategies, technologies, and processes aimed at providing convenience and minimising congestion for drivers. Creative Car Park is one of the leading providers of car park management services in the UK.

With proper permission from the landowner, private parking companies can enforce their parking policies and regulations on the properties they manage. They can issue PCNs (Penalty Charge Notices) to vehicles that are not following the established parking rules, such as exceeding the maximum time limit, parking in restricted areas, or not paying to park.

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