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Business Grants for Small Businesses in the UK – Car Park Grant

Could your business benefit from a cash grant and an improved car park?

Do you own a business or long term lease that includes a car park? We can help you improve your car parking facilities through our £2,500 cash grant as well as provide £35,000 worth of car park equipment and services.

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At Creative Car Park, we have launched a grant for businesses with premises which include a car park, aimed at startups and established businesses alike. The car park grant is designed to help you improve the efficiency and profitability of your car parking facilities. Whether you operate in the retail, hospitality, tourism or healthcare industry, our grant could help you.

If you own a business or long term lease that includes a car park, you could claim up to £2,500 in a cash grant and up to £35,000 for equipment and services.

Finding small business grants in the UK that is right for your business can be no easy task, especially when eligibility for small business grants can depend on a number of factors.

The last year in particular, has been a struggle for small businesses to keep afloat, especially so, when most have spent a large proportion of time shut for business, with no or very little revenue being generated.

What is a grant?

A grant is defined as a sum of money given by a government, organisation or person for a specific purpose. Grants are often a much more attractive source of funding when compared to a loan as you do not need to claim back the money, pay interest or lose any equity to an investor.

Generally speaking, most current business grants are awarded to start-up and new businesses to help stimulate the economy, with fewer available to help established businesses grow.

Our car park grant

If you own a business or have a long term lease, that includes a car park then you could claim up to £2,500 in a cash grant and up to £35,000 for equipment and services.

We recognise that businesses in the retail, hospitality, tourism and healthcare sectors with car parks have all been impacted in some way, shape or form by the coronavirus pandemic. Whether that be fewer vehicle owners using your parking facilities leading to less revenue, an increase in vandalism whilst car parks are less occupied or your car park has seen an influx of usage. We can help your car park become more efficient and more profitable with our grant for retail, hospitality and hospitals & health organisations.

Read on or jump straight to the enquiry form below and we will respond within 24-48hrs on your eligibility and pre-approval status.

Am I eligible?

If you own business premises or have a long term lease then, yes, then chances are you are eligible. Enquire below and we will do some quick checks and pre-screening, then we will get in contact with you and let you know for sure, and the amounts available to you.

Are they repayable?

No. We have funding and grants in place for issuance to assist businesses with Car Parks. Terms apply, but nothing is repayable, and actually, more ongoing revenues are available for your business. You won’t spend anything and you might just get a regular income from this also depending on your business location and circumstances. Apply now and get a quick decision.

Find out if you qualify

Car park improvements and management

Receive up to £35,000 worth of car park services and equipment such as ANPR management - for absolutely nothing!

Up to £2,500 cash grant

Benefit from up to a whopping £2,500 small business grant - with no need to pay anything back

Does my business qualify?

If you own your business premises or have a long-term lease, you're likely to qualify

Long-term benefits

Benefit from the improved footfall and higher income as a result from a well-managed car park, with no hidden costs

Why are these grants available from Creative Car Park Ltd?

Creative Car Park Ltd have partnered with SME’s, small businesses and franchise operators for nearly 20yrs. We know how important a car park is to a business. If your customers cannot park, they spend elsewhere. If your staff cannot park, they get upset and it is a key deciding factor in working elsewhere. We have funding available to allocate as non-repayable grants to your business today. Our grants are suitable for businesses in retail, hospitality, tourism and hospital & healthcare organisations.

Car Parks are overlooked by many, even in the latest grants, support schemes and funding packages announced below by the UK Government, central funding is not available. Check for yourself, car parks and car park land is exempt from all funding directly from the government. We know how much that parking income can mean to top up business revenues. We also know that with more drivers taking vehicles into town and city centres instead of public transport, how difficult it can be to keep your parking spaces clear for your staff and customers;

  • Furlough Car Park Scheme – Open for applications
  • Small Business Grant Fund and Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grant Fund – Car Parks Exempt
  • The Small Business Grant Fund (SBGF) – Parking not applicable
  • £4.6 billion in new lockdown grants to support businesses and protect jobs – Not available for Parking
  • Locations or Business Car Parks
  • Businesses in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors are to receive a one-off grant worth up to £9,000 – No Car Park Grants

We are offering the following specifically for car parks:

  • Retail business grants
  • Grants for hospitality businesses
  • Grants for hospitals & healthcare organisations
  • Grants for tourism business

Is this too good to be true?

No. We are a real business, registration details at the bottom of this page, do your own homework if you like. Come back to this link to enquire however otherwise you will not qualify for the additional funding. We are a UK owned and operated business and have been for nearly 20yrs. We will never ask for your bank details, you will never have to pay for anything. We are not taking any financial grants or funding from the UK Government or UK Taxpayer to enable this grant scheme. The grants are solely funded by our business as an aid package for small business operators and to help the UK recover.

Can private businesses really offer grants?

Yes. It is the businesses money and investment capital, they can give it to those they wish. All sorts of businesses, banks and charities offer grants to support you, they are worth checking out. Grants aren’t only cash rewards, many available to SMEs come in the form of vouchers for equipment and tools, reduced costs for vital resources and employment subsidisation. A wide variety of grants exist for businesses, under both privately and publicly funded schemes. Grants both government and private are usually intended to encourage entrepreneurial activity in the UK to create new jobs and stimulate the UK economy. Ours is a mix of all of this, plus a plain and simple handout to help you recover and to turn the lights back on. We know every penny counts.

Find out if you qualify for our grant

Provide us with just a few details and we will be straight back in touch to let you know whether you qualify for our grant – and how you could benefit from our creative car parking solutions to meet the changing needs of car park owners around the country.

Please note that this scheme is open to new enquiries and clients only. Existing clients have already benefitted from equipment invetsments and receive on-going revenue from parking tariffs to support business.

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