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ANPR Parking Management System

Do you know what your business loses when a potential customer cannot find a space in your car park?

If your average customer spend is £100, having an unauthorised vehicle parked in your car park could cost you over £500 a day in lost revenue for just that one space*.

Spread that figure over several parking spaces for a whole year and the impact could be the difference between profit and bankruptcy.

We can prevent this with our ANPR car park management solution installed within as little as two (2) weeks at no cost to you.

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Creative Car Park offers advanced automatic number plate recognition (ANPR)  systems to keep your car park running securely 24/7 at no additional cost to your business.

We recognise the need to increase the profitability, efficiency and convenience of car parking at premises in the private and public sector.

Our ANPR system is designed to help maximise available space, increase parking or in store revenues and improve customer satisfaction whilst accumulating valuable data on customer and staff parking habits to continually improve car park functionality and flow.

Not to mention, our ANPR parking management systems offer a record of highly accurate readings of vehicle number plates without any human intervention.

Through the use of innovative high-speed image capturing technology with supporting nighttime illumination and detection of characters within the provided image, we can store information on any car or vehicle that passes through your car park. By eliminating the possibility of human error, you can ensure that your private car park rules are enforced around the clock.

*Based on an average of all UK businesses. Daily spend will depend on the nature, size and location of the business.

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We provide expert car park management solutions for individuals and businesses across the UK. Contact us via telephone, email or simply fill in the contact form below.
We will be more than happy to provide advice, guidance and solutions to any problems or queries you may have.

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    Key facts about our service

    • Maximising available space
    • Improved footfall
    • Increased business revenue
    • Increased security
    • Potential additional parking revenue
    • Income generation possibilities
    • Arrival & duration patterns
    • Touch screen management solution

    Get the most from your space with an effective ANPR system

    An Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System is an advanced piece of technology designed to read vehicle registration plates when they enter and exit car parking premises.

    Using advanced automatic vehicle registration recognition system cameras which operate in conjunction with complex algorithms and infrared technology, we can ensure angled, mirrored plates and personalised plates do not impair the ability to detect and interpret each registration plate, no matter the time of day or weather. Plates are captured at entry and exit, images are securely saved and time stamped – vehicles identified to be in breach of the car parks terms and conditions are then processed and ownership details are gained.

    After entering the car park, vehicle owners will be required to enter their registration number into a ticketing machine to validate their arrival. Some car parks will require payment or permission validation (known as a permit) via a smartphone app or an on premise tablet.

    ANPR cameras work in conjunction with purchased parking tickets or permits to ensure vehicles do not outstay their allotted parking time or park without permission. .

    Creative Car Park Ltd pioneered the application of ANPR technology usage as a car park management solution. Today we manage over 1,000 locations on the behalf of small business owners and franchisee operators. Regardless of your shape, size or car park layout, get in touch with us today and speak to one of our car park consultants.

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    We’re the trusted UK car parking management company for businesses in every sector, including leisure, hospitality, retail parks, restaurants, the NHS, hotels and more:



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    Why use an ANPR parking management system

    We at Creative Car Park specialise in management logistics and offer unique solutions that are completely tailored to meet your business’ requirements.

    ANPR systems are completely versatile and have been successfully implemented in various ways throughout the modern world, including in tolling, bus lane enforcement, intelligent transport systems, traffic management and on weighbridges.

    Implementing an ANPR parking management system for your business can free up your otherwise busy staff members. It can also help you identify whether there are any unauthorised cars taking up space on your property.

    With Creative Car Park, you can upgrade your parking premises to operate 24 hours a day, completely free through our car park management solutions. TrafficGuard is an example of this, which relies on a combination of our unique automatic vehicle registration recognition car parking system and sophisticated applications designed specifically for the parking industry. From the beginning to the end of our service, our team will handle everything from organising the initial site survey, installation of systems, sending out “tickets” (actually known as PCN’s), and arranging the collection of payments, while at all times aligning with your company’s name and branding.

    In addition to our TrafficGuard service, we can adapt your ANPR system and identify potential add-ons depending on the car park management scheme you wish to follow.



    The Creative Car Park TrafficGuard system was designed as a viable alternative to clamping or towing unauthorised cars in parking spaces. The quick and easy installation of cameras at the entrance/ exit of your car park allows us to use car park registration recognition to photograph each vehicle as it enters and leaves.

    Through this system, we are capable of identifying vehicles which have breached your car park rules, sending them a ticket in the post. Our service is tailored to enforce the specific rules you set for your parking space, 365 days a year.

    Through TrafficGuard, you can also have access to vital statistics based on car park activity from customers/guests and staff members. These reports can be formatted to your preference, along with the generation of any data. This can include:

    • Customer Shopping Patterns
    • Parking Habits
    • Parking Durations
    • Arrival & Departure Patterns
    • Revenue Generation Possibilities
    • Parking Capacity

    All collected data can be referenced against provided criteria (for example different weather conditions) to establish how they may affect parking patterns. While working in collaboration with your environmental consultants, we can also advise on the eco-friendly benefits of implementing an efficient automatic vehicle recognition system and car park management strategy.

    What are the benefits of using an ANPR parking system

    There are a number of benefits in using an ANPR parking system for both you and your users.

    • Easy and cost-effective. We can easily install ANPR parking systems so you can start securely managing your car park instantly. You can also cut costs by reducing the need for onhand security.
    • User-friendly with simplistic interfaces. Pay and Display working in conjunction with ANPR systems are easy-to-use with clear instructions.
    • Operate 24/7. With an ANPR parking system in place, your car park can be managed around the clock, day and night.
    • Reliable in all weather conditions. These types of parking systems are unlikely to fail during adverse weather conditions so you can have peace of mind, that they will be up and running all year round.
    • Increase revenue from parking. ANPR systems are a great way to generate revenue and maximise profitability. Motorists must pay to use your facilities, if they fail to pay or outstay their allotted parking time, you can issue a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) within 48hrs.
    • Increase Efficiency. ANPR car parks do not require a parking patrol or attendant to be on site. With remote monitoring, we can identify offending vehicles immediately and issue a parking charge instantly.

    You don’t need to do anything, we take care of every aspect

    We understand that it can be frustrating to run a successful business and manage your car park effectively at the same time. No matter which area you are situated in, there will always be drivers who take advantage of parking spaces, which may be difficult to identify and enforce manually. Our team at Creative Car Park are acclaimed by the British Parking Association (BPA) and can provide a service that protects your car park 24/7.

    We offer an entirely bespoke management service which allows your car park to function independently while leaving you to tackle other important issues. From implementing ANPR parking management solutions to identifying where losses are being made, we aim to take care of every aspect of your management logistics. Established in 2005, we at Creative Car Park have over 15 years of expertise in car park management, providing an excellent service time after time.

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    We provide expert car park management solutions for individuals and businesses across the UK. Contact us via telephone, email or simply fill in the contact form below.
    We will be more than happy to provide advice, guidance and solutions to any problems or queries you may have.

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      Upload any supporting information such as pictures of your signs, problems you're experiencing or your car park