5 Innovative Car Parking Solutions

Parking, whilst potentially considered not a particularly exciting topic of conversation, in recent years it certainly has become a hot topic of conversation and one we often find ourselves moaning about in day to day conversations.

If you’re a business owner with a car park or simply own a plot of land which you are considering transforming into a car park, you will want to consider innovative car parking solutions to ensure you and your users get the most of your car park.

According to recent research, motorists spend approximately 17 days of their lifetime trying to find a parking spot, racking up to 2,127 miles spent behind the wheel. Privilege Motor Insurance found that 4/10 people say parking is their biggest frustration when it comes to driving, behind potholes but ahead of speed bumps, slow drivers and cyclists.

That’s why innovative car parking solutions are imperative to the success of your business. You’ll help to reduce frustrations and increase the satisfaction of your employees and/or customers by providing a smooth, hassle-free experience.

5 Innovative Car Parking Solutions You Need to Consider

SpaceWatch Parking Bay Monitoring

SpaceWatch Parking Bay Monitoring is the latest innovative car parking system that helps businesses with multiple entrances and exits, thru roads and rights of way manage their car park with ease. This innovative parking solution watches independent parking bays as opposed to the entire car park at any one time.

Using smart cameras with a wide-angle lens, SpaceWatch can monitor multiple bays, day and night by overlaying a monitoring box, capturing the vehicle details and registration. Used in conjunction with TrafficGuard, you can also understand when the motorist has arrived and exited.

ANPR Parking Solutions

ANPR parking solutions aim to keep your car park running securely and efficiently 24/7 7 days a week. The Automatic Number Plate Recognition system uses a camera to capture registration details when vehicles enter and exit car parking premises. This means, no one can use your car park unauthorised without receiving a penalty for doing so.

To ensure your car park users do not receive a penalty, they must purchase a parking ticket or permit against their vehicle registration plate for their allotted stay.

ANPR systems are innovative car parking solutions that can solve a number of problems from freeing up otherwise busy staff members, deterring unauthorised parking to increasing customer satisfaction rates. Not to mention, they also generate invaluable data to understand customer shopping patterns, parking habits, parking durations, arrival & departure patterns, revenue generation possibilities and parking capacity.

Pay by Phone & Pay by App

Although not necessarily groundbreaking, the ability to pay by phone or pay by app has certainly become imperative since the coronavirus outbreak. Pay and display machines are a breeding ground for germs with everyone punching in their registration plates to receive their parking ticket.

Pay by Phone or Pay by App offers customers the ability to pay for their parking directly through their mobile device without having to utilise any shared facilities – a much more hygienic solution!

Usually, the car parking premises will have a code (to distinguish the location) that the customer will have to enter on the app or when calling to register their vehicle. As well as, signalling which car park they are located at, users will also have to enter their vehicle registration, debit card details and duration of stay. The benefit of doing this via an app, is all of this information can be saved and stored, so when you need to use the parking facilities again, you’re already set up and ready to go.

Smart Parking and The Internet of Thing (IoT) in the Automotive Industry

Whilst not heavily integrated within the car park industry as of current, we could see a lot more smart parking and the IoT in future.

Smart parking is an innovative car parking solution that combines technology and human innovation to improve parking facilities. Smart Parking utilises sensors and/or cameras embedded within parking spots or positioned close to them to detect whether parking bays are free or occupied. This data is collected in real-time to transmit to smart parking mobile apps to notify users of its availability.

Smart parking means customers can find a parking space in the most efficient way possible without having to drive tirelessly around car parking premises in a bid to find a spot. In 2017 alone, it was estimated that we spend on average 4 days a year looking for a parking space, this figure has no doubt risen since, as more and more motorists take the roads.

Robotic Car Park Solutions

Whilst much more common in the US, robotic car parking solutions could come to the UK in the future. A robotic parking system reduces the space needed for parking by at least 50%. Robotic parking systems are designed to receive, park and retrieve vehicles automatically using independent machinery instructed by computer programs that execute an operation without human intervention.

There are a number of benefits of robotic parking systems, including better space utilisation, increased convenience, improved parking experience, increased safety and security, ability to include electrical charging points and reduced pollution.

If you’re interested in levelling up your car park by investing in innovative car parking solutions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by calling us on 0330 057 5077 or by filling in the form below.

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