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Customer Service

Founded 23 years ago, as a traditional car park management company, Creative Car Park Ltd. has quickly distinguished itself among competitors, building an impeccable reputation for its professionalism, innovation, efficiency and customer service.

Offering customisable solutions, we are always looking for ways to improve our service. For instance, when our clients asked us to remove the potential for confrontation from parking enforcement, we quickly became the first car park operator in the UK to offer a fully automated ANPR enforcement service.

We actively run the extra mile for our customers, offering bespoke solutions tailored to their specific needs. Our cost-free, creative solutions are both ethical and efficient, and will significantly improve the way your car park is managed. Helping you achieve your goals, whether it is generating revenue or stopping people from breaching your parking rules, we understand the difficulties of car park management and actively work to save you a headache.

This high standard of customer service it’s what enables us to manage more than 700 car parks all across the UK. Our flexibility allows us to work with companies of all size and across all sectors, including; retail, transport, leisure & tourism, hospitality, hospitals, supermarkets, and many more.

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Key facts about our service

  • Parking spaces available for your customers/clients

  • Increased security
  • Increased store revenue
  • No car park staff needed
  • Maximising space
  • Income generation possibilities
  • Parking patterns
  • Repeat visitors
  • Staff parking habits

  • Offender lists
  • Hot lists
  • Parking durations
  • Arrival and departure patterns
  • Alternative revenue generation possibilities
  • Parking capacity
  • Centre congestion
  • Touch screens
  • Swipe cards
“The ANPR Car Parking Management system works exactly as planned and promised. Creative has been helpful and efficient from initial set-up (when they provided a very quick installation service) all the way through to after care support and management. They are flexible, versatile and reliable.”
Kelly Jay, Director Property Manager, Tesco Stores Ltd