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Case study: Bespoke parking solutions for multiple hotel sites


After struggling to deal effectively with a wide range of car park management requirements, Ibis Hotel Heathrow approached Creative Car Park to see if we had any suggestions or recommendations.

The client

Ibis Hotels

The sector


The challenge

The Ibis Hotel at Heathrow faced a range of challenges when it came to managing their car park, and they were in need of a thorough, effective solution that perfectly matched their requirements.

Being so close the airport, the biggest hurdle they had to contend with was travellers parking their cars in the hotel car park, and then flying off on holiday for a few weeks. These spaces would then be occupied until they returned.

Some might have been legitimate hotel guests who were allowed to park, but then overstayed their welcome.

Hotel staff were unable to effectively monitor the situation, because they simply didn’t have the staff to oversee the car park 24 hours a day. The barrier system they did have in place was constantly breaking down, and often had to be left open for everyone.

The obstacles

Richard, the general manager at Ibis Hotel had undertaken previous discussions about car parking management, but he had negative experiences with those companies.

He was lacking any confidence in the products and solutions available, and didn’t think that anything would be suitable for his hotel’s needs.

Any system Ibis were to use would need to work for all users of the hotel – staff, temporary visitors, overnight guests and those who might want to pay for a longer stay. The software needed to be seamless for reception staff to take payments, and be effective at deterring unauthorised use.

The solution

We met with Richard and Dilek, his Director of Operations, for a comprehensive and open discussion about the hotel’s current circumstances, the challenges they wanted to overcome and the goals they would ideally like to achieve with UK car park management.

Tina, our senior sales rep, knew how complex the situation was, and rather than try and push a standard car parking solution onto the hotel, she simply listened carefully and gathered as much information as possible.

Richard and Dilek were then invited back to the Creative Car Park head office, where we showed them exactly how we operate, why parking control management is an effective solution, and how we could deliver a system that worked for Ibis.

We created a bespoke package with a dedicated software solution, to tackle all of the problems Ibis was facing. It allowed immediate payment at reception, as well as the ability to generate a variety of bespoke reports that were required.

And to overcome the concerns Richard had about whether car park management would work for then, we implemented the new solution with a trial period to ensure everything was functioning as it should.

The results

The Ibis Hotel at Heathrow now has a bespoke, state-of-the-art ANPR parking system on site, equipped with dedicated software to address all of their requirements.

Following on from this success, we have rolled out similar parking management solutions at over 10 hotels in the Ibis group – including both their budget and style offers – and now managed over 2000 spaces for the company.

• Reduced the number of unauthorised car park users
• Improved customer service for hotel guests
• Freed staff time for other important tasks
• Removed the need for a physical barrier