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Not sure if you are making best use of your car park? Is your pricing structure right? Could you improve the layout of your car park?

Creative has an in-house team of surveyors with almost twenty years of experience, who can help advise you on managing your car park. They can analyse all aspects of your car park, from layout to parking behaviour patterns to alternative options to generate revenues.

The insights are often surprising. A simple change to your charging structure could have a large effect on your revenues, without impacting upon your clients. You may discover that the most frequent visitors to your car park never visit your premises. Or we may uncover an exciting new strategy to maximise revenues from your car park in quiet periods.

It’s easy to become too familiar with your car park to see its potential. A fresh pair of expert eyes can make all the difference and help unlock revenue streams you never knew existed.

Simple ideas for earning more money from an existing asset? That’s Creative.

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