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Give yourself peace of mind & clients ease of access at your car park

The unique feature of our pay and display machines is the alpha-numeric keypad, which makes the user enter their full registration number before paying for their parking.

Using the latest payment interfaces, users can pay not only with cash or cards, but even by premium rate SMS (text message).

Linking these pay and display machines to our ANPR cameras, we can instantly identify any vehicle that has exceeded the amount of time paid for, or that has not purchased a ticket at all.

We can either issue an alert to your car park staff (so that they can immediately issue a parking ticket or place a clamp on the vehicle) or we can issue the driver with a parking charge notice through the post – meaning that you have 24 hour car park income, without the need for manual patrols and attendants.

We can provide you with a complete entry/exit transaction log and also additional cameras for supplementary images.

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