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Custom made car park barriers & access control secure your parking lot

Creative Car Park has an enviable reputation as a market leader in the design, manufacture and installation of custom-made parking barriers, electric sliding and swing gates, road blockers and turnstiles.

We have achieved our market leading position by setting high standards of professionalism in our approach to providing solutions to our clients needs with quality project design, management and system implementation.

Our sales team can provide you with a free feasibility survey with comprehensive specification and quotation to ensure you get just what you need – and within your budget. Parkingeye

All our products are designed, customized, manufactured and installed by our own highly trained skilled engineers and because we manufacture our own products we can tailor them specifically to your requirements.

We provide a full range of Industrial security gates, barriers, fences, walls and railings. Fully installed and integrated to provide efficient intruder prevention. Gates can be installed in conjunction with Road Blocker Barriers, ensuring that 'ram-raids' are prevented.

Our system can incorporate clear, user-friendly interfaces to log visitors into and out of your car parks. Our Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras working seamlessly with our TrafficGuard technology can automatically open gates for authorised users. Parkingeye

The TrafficGuard software allows visitors to pre-book or to be recorded as they enter premises. Designed to ensure that you are fully aware of all visitor, staff and contractor attendance, the system allows you to monitor who is on site, where they are and when they were there! Archiving and reporting tools allow you to recall historic data - vital if an incident comes to light some time after a visit. Parkingeye

For attendance control, visitors can be excluded due to membership expiry, non-payment or other definable criteria - ideal for gyms, clubs or other venues. TrafficGuard offers the capability for multi-site, web based access control and for control of remote, un-attended sites.

In the event of emergency, the current site attendance data can be held on a portable device, assisting the emergency services in locating and accounting for your people. Parkingeye

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