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Northamptonshire Police Statement on Petrol Forecourt Drive Offs

Following a successful police operation to target people who drive-off without paying for fuel 14 offenders have been arrested and charged, which has resulted in a total of 49 such offences being detected. The operation, which was launched on November 1 last year, has been co-ordinated by the Northampton Area ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) officers, and has resulted in a dramatic reduction in the number of offences. Due to the success of this operation in Northampton, it is hoped the ANPR team will extend the scheme to other parts of the county.

Drive-offs cost the petrol retailing sector nearly Ј12 million pounds a year.

Where TrafficGuard is installed at Petrol Filling Stations, operators can benefit from a number of facilities:-

Operators are unable to enable a pump, unless the number plate of the vehicle has been recorded on the database. If the driver subsequently fails to make payment, identification and further contact with the driver is much easier. Additionally, if that number plate is on a ‘hot list’ of vehicles that have previously failed to make payment, the operator can request payment in advance.

Operators can also be made aware of particular credit cards associated with particular cars.

If linked to the national police system, operators can be informed if a stolen vehicle is on their forecourt.

Finally, from a marketing point of view, we can provide statistics of the number of customers who visit the site, the frequency of their visits, and the amount of time they spend on site. We can also arrange sms (text message) alerts to the operator, informing them that a regular customer has entered the site.

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